Zaku Airdrop, Gold Rewards, and a Halving event. Its been a fun time @splinterlands!

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Yodin Zaku

I had managed to have 360 packs for the next airdrop, but after pulling - for Mimosa Nightshade, I was not expecting much. Like always you are hopeful you have great luck, and pull a lot of cards, or even a GFL!!!.

Lets take a look at how I did


4 Cards - BOOM

I only need 6 to get to a level 3, where I hit my summoner cap. I was sure it was out of my price range, especially considering that I was figureing I would need 6 bcs. Now I only need 2, something I can afford down the road.

Next Day - Golden Rewards!! Cube and Gremlin!!

After pulling bad reward chests and cards for a while, I was starting to think it was all commons and no GF!

Screenshot 20200504 at 7.38.39 AM  Edited.png

I managed to pull two GF today, talk about feeling good when they tur GOLD.The Gemlin blaster was Rare as well, so that saved me 3k from buying it down the road!!!

I also pulled another Cube, mine is currently at level 7 and needs to get to level 8, soon,I hope.

My Orb

As you can see I also pulled an ORB... Lets see if my luck holds!

Screenshot 20200504 at 7.39.29 AM  Edited.png

Double GF again!!!!!

Unreal honestly, Another Armour Smith added to my army, not to mention a sly Undead Archer just sitting there. That's two common, and two Rare GF in just a few cards. I am really lucky today for sure!!

The Halving Event is live

Yup, its a new card. You can get 1 for each 5 packs you buy from the store front. I decided to buy 55 packs, to give me the 11 bcx I would need to get to a level 4. While I can play a level 5 epic, I can't afford the hundreds it would cost me. We have spent a ton on the kids to keep them entertained, and ready for the summer.

I now have 52 Packs, ready to open, with little to no potions left. It will take a while before I am able to get enough DEC for the daily plus all the extra packs.

Peace out

~ Senstless

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