Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 26 | Daily & Season Rewards | Card Sales | League Status | Season Updates

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**# Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 26 | Daily Rewards | Card Sales | League Status |
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This project is to see what is possible from a starter deck only, with no investment other that what is earned in game. The project was started on 1/9/2019 and is still running strong.

Recap of prior season ending 6/15/2019


  • Season Status: Gold 2 - New high for me
  • Missed a few days rewards due to a business trip. First ever since the start.
  • DEC Balance: 2500? -
  • Potions/Orbs: None

Daily Rewards from last season 54

Highlights - High value cards

  • GOLD Goblin Mech
  • EPIC Phanton Soldier
  • EPIC Manticore
  • EPIC Brownie


Gold Foil and EPICs, with the increased prices these are really helping build out my deck, but the increased prices has also hurt getting some of the better cards that used to be so cheap!

Season Rewards from 6/15/2019: 26 Cards

Highlights - High value cards

  • EPIC Brownie
  • EPIC Daria Dragonscale


Life Time Deck Hit Rate


Staying pretty consistent over time of around 0.8% Legendary - I can't complain!! Pretty amazing to think I have pulled 786 cards from playing... all helping to get better everyday.

Sold Cards 87 | 7.931 STEEM | 0.676 SBD


Purchased Cards 0

I need to buy some, but building up steem for the moment.

Total Bought/Sold and Balances

  • #Cards Sold: 632
  • STEEM Balance: 10.862
  • SBD Balance: 0.676
  • DEC Balance ~4500


    Total Award Cards

    • 786 Cards
    • 6 Legendary
    • 13 Gold Foils


    Dark Energy Crystals

    This is great, I keep earning more and more. I want to gamble for potion or orb, but I think he best I can do is just sell for STEEM and buy cards. There are so many new Promo cards, I got to get some to help me out.


    DEC keeps building, I am close to 4500 at the time of this post, that is about 11 STEEM ,and while cards have gone way up, I think I am still way ahead!

    If you want me to write something about playing from a starter deck let me know.

    If you know someone new to SM / Splinterlands feel free to show them this series to show what you can do over time to a deck if you focus on it.

    Check out my primary account @senstless progress - constant investment and hoping for glory!!

    Want to get in the game - join via my link!

    Monster On!


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