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Hello, hello my dear Steemians, over a year has passed since the last time you read a post on my blog and that is largely due to my passion for writing being left behind in the background by one of my other hobbies who is being an online video player or multiplayer games, where every day you strive to be one of the best and this was my case in the SteemMonsters game.

But today I return to this social network to make my point of view known about something that since the end of last year and the beginning of this one has been giving me headaches, a bit more for not understanding what the creators of this are looking for or trying to do. SteemMonsters game and the details that it witnessed day by day in the game.

«They always say that time changes things, but in reality you have to change yourself» "Andy Warhol"


It is a card game, based on the powers that each one possesses and the player's ability to perform formations in combat against other players online. A game that from the beginning was very well structured, where you could enter it for free (promotional code) or by making the initial payment of $ 10 .

We start with a set of 30 cards, which we must go up their level (adding repeated cards to each other) to unlock other skills depending on the level we are reaching. The daily missions can vary in color (sliver) are 5 plus the Dragon sliver and depending on the league where you carry out the daily mission you win a certain number of cards, just like in the league where you finish the season, the number of cards you will get per rewards.

«Note: We spoke in times past»

Today the game has had its changes, which in sync were to improve both your performance and enjoyment and attract more new players. But it is from this point where this post really starts.

Of the successes and mistakes that these changes in the game have demotivated many players and in my opinion they closed the door to potential new players. Why I believe it, then I explain it...

«The present is the necessary result of the past, the necessary cause of the whole future» "Robert Green Ingersoll"


Let's start by talking about the details or errors that the game makes or its misconfigured algorithm.

-1) A detail appreciated by many are the rules where you can not use legendary cards or only common and rare cards can be used.

We know that only the aforementioned cards can be used and we know which ones cannot, but my question is, why don't summoners have the same restrictions?
If the rules are clear, the logical thing would be that the epic and legendary summoners could not be used in those respective rules, that is a disadvantage for some and advantages for others or not.

-2) The rule of going back to basics or without skills.
Here we have noticed that many cards tend to dodge attacks, "if they are going to tell me that it is for speed and that I know." But gentlemen if it is basic without skills, that should not happen or should it?

-3) The random blocking of colors or chips, as I read at the time, this is to make it more difficult to guess the team of the rival in turn and give more dynamism to the game and more challenge to your skills, but tell me if they block 4 colors no I will know that it comes with one of the remaining two.

The truth was that they did this believing they had thought it through, but the reality is that this was done to force players to have more cards of different chips with higher levels, (that is, you invest and invest and continue investing) but there is also no Good configuration here, because if we know that there are 5 common chips, the ideal is that each one have a blocking probability of 20% for each one.

As it is explained that in many cases your 2 highest chips are blocked between 5 and 6 times every 10 games and I say this with bases because currently I play 10 accounts, (accounts that were from friends and family that one day I brought to the game and retired already disappointed in it) and take control of them so as not to leave them in oblivion.

-4) The famous and misused Dec (Crystals of Dark Energy), this implementation I saw badly from its beginnings and today confirms my theory, a magnet to attract bots and destroy the ecosystems of games. I do not opine against multi-accounts, since they playing their accounts day by day provide their time in something that bears fruit, but in a good way. But I hate those who only install a program and ready put their accounts to play day and night with the sole intention of being more alive than others and get all possible resources without having a loyal way of being competitive, I ask if this Is it a cancer because they don't remove it and ban them?

-5) The over-population of cards, the mistake of wanting to have more and more at the expense of others, the greed of selling a product that was initially a success and instead of looking for the players to give life to the first editions, they sought to get more and more just to continue selling and they did not notice how the beta cards are becoming obsolete and as an example of this they can now see that each tournament is better paid than beta and its market value fell more than 60% and that is due to you gentlemen of SteemMonsters. I asked how do you tell those who invested hundreds of dollars to do it again, that the untamed ones are already there and they are better than the alphas or betas and then they come out with another new collection that is better than it is and that will also happen to the hundreds that they spent they will be devalued just like you are.

Obsolete cards have become obsolete and in themselves had little use and now after spending on them to maximize them they make the price drop so abruptly just for wanting to sell more.

«Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it» "George Santayana"


But let's see these 5 specific cases, each of them have a factor in common. Invest, invest and continue investing but not because you want it to be, not because your needs as a player lead you to that, yes not because if the creators do not perceive money entering daily they invent something that they do not see that is damaging the capital of others. If there were changes that were well thought out for the development of the game, but very few and very punctual.

  1. Let sales flow out of player need and not out of cohesion.

A) Rectify the blocks of the chips per game and return to the system of maximum 2 sec blocked per game. The current system did not work.

B) Justification of the leagues: We know that for each league the levels of the cards that we can use are released, good to end the indiscriminate use of bots we will apply the same that is applied in tournaments, if it does not have at least 2 chips at the level of the The next league may not be promoted from the one it currently is. With level 1 cards you will only have the option to play until the Bronze 1 league, here is more permissive for new players, then going through silver 3 until you reach gold 3 you must have cards with the corresponding league levels, failing that When you reach the top of the league to which your cards allow you to play, your games will be the same scheduled and your dec for wins will also be credited to your account but the points that serve to promote will not be added and thus the players have the need to go uploading your cards to the best of your ability and you can really see the feedback within the game itself.

This would help prevent the mishealthy use of many bots that are only bleeding the ecosystem, would make more players focus on reusing their profits to improve their decks, would boost the internal market like that of packs and orbs and re-boost the market. of rents. Apart from reducing the engraving rate of the rewards cards which is one of the main problems of the SteemMonsters team.

1.1) The reward system:

In sync with the above described, the rewards system should be modified and study what serves or what the players want more. Trying to correct the flight of thousands of cards, what they did was give more fuel to the bots, which increased their presence much more due to the fact that they need more chests to have more cards and thus raise them to the maximum level. But also damage to the players of medium and low resources, of course to those of great resources it does not affect them since they must already have their cards at the highest level but in the same way although they do not see their investments to get those cards was also high and today they lost great value.

I will take the idea of ​​the player @sashas who recently uploaded a publication giving some details or suggestions that apparently the SteemMonsters team has not been able to read or respond (full work) I assume but in which some ideas are presented that I wanted to pay more in its final context.

If the fight that the top keeps in a good fight to be at the top of the podium is due to a large investment and a group of cards at their highest levels, they will win obtaining envelopes at the end of the season if they already have their cards at maximum level (more of the same) because the prize in crypto is not rethought to those top 5 for example and then reward the next 20, and from there jump to each league and reward the top 5 of each with envelopes. Yes, as the top 5 of each league read. Since bronze, passing through silver and finally gold, which the most alive already when reading this thought (well, I stay 1 or 3 points away from the next league and they already secured that top prize), well here comes the good, with how easy it is to program the algorithm the top of each league is settled by% of victory so each player has in his own hands the possibility of accessing those prizes.

1.2) Encourage the re-use of Dec in the game.

Today we see that buying envelopes with Dec is much cheaper than with any other means of payment and many players do not take full advantage of it. Haven't you wondered why?

I present to you why FRUSTRATION, if likewise people do not re-invest their Dec because they feel frustrated in acquiring cards that the SteemMonsters team then made obsolete and gave themselves only to the task of changing and here the most vivid came into play or in this case the one with the most resources in Dec "bone the bots again" and since they have removed the system they have thousands and if you will surely say "if they have many Dec to play to lower the price", simple they take advantage of the discontent, lower the price, buy under Dec, buy cheaper envelopes and re-create more "Logical No" bot accounts

This happens because the way to make the players recycle in Dec in the same game was not sought and everyone goes and changes them to Steem to be able to get something out of what they invested and it is not frowned upon that they want to do what they want. It suits them best, but here the SteemMonsters team was indebted for not knowing how to motivate and incentivize players to reinvest the Dec and thus endorse that price.

Possible solutions:

A) Banning or penalizing bots, which already knows who they are and where they transit, that a player administers 100 accounts, but that they play or delegate them is already very different but that they are bots, there is no sense that they continue to admit it.

B) Create what I call traps or stickers at the time. These would consist of making a card or sticker that each player can buy the amount they want from SteemMonsters for a price of 50 Dec that these would be used to finance the tournaments, of which these trap cards or stickers would be of the following:

A 1 power sticker that can be used in the game, either to impair your opponent's ability by 1 round or to enhance your abilities by 1 round, and if I say for one round because it would be very frustrating for anyone who uses the mute option to cards that use energy throughout the combat.

But muted or enhancing skills in 1 round the game becomes more competitive and obsolete cards can be used again, ask the Battle Orca that is used so much today, you will surely be surprised.

An example would be a sticker that silences the ability to heal the opposing team in the first round and another could be that your sword skills multiply by 2 to your blocker or tank, that would give more expectations to the game and a wide range of options and Believe me by telling you that the raised Dec will go a long way for tournaments as they will sell thousands upon thousands of these stickers.

«For these stickers I have a lot of ideas that might interest»

To close the post, I understood more than I thought and although I did not upload everything that I still reserve, he left these very personal points of view and I recommend Gentlemen @aggroed and @yabapmatt to seek advice with gamers, with mass players, those players who reach the best games without hesitation in expenses because they want fame and glory and this game is not designed for gamers but for bots exploiting resources of an ecosystem that if it does not take a second breath, it will be doomed to die in the months to come. Take as an example the online game called Tibia, it is 20 years old and still continues to attract people day by day to its niches and it is a game that reinvents itself without losing its essence for the players.

«Note to @aggroed and @yabapmatt and the entire SteemMonster team»

If you want to innovate ideas and refresh the game, invite several Spanish-speaking players who live daily to the SM-Spanish discord server to meet, they will be surprised by the quality of ideas that are debated and I assure you that they will be able to see with new horizons the future of the game. Discord SM-Spanish

«If you see time go by and you don't go by, maybe you should change your habit» "Karl Malone"


Thank you all for reading these lines and I hope your comments, your points of view and the possible debate that we can give in the comments. Thank you...

Translation using the google translator.

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You are a valuable part of the Splinterlands community! You are such an amazing player as well! I am happy you are still here battling! I am sure you are voting for all of our Steem witnesses as we can all the votes we can get now! Have a wonderful season-ending!!! An upvote is on the way!


My beautiful friend, you know that from my beginnings I bet in favor of this wonderful game and I know that there are many things that together we can improve. A pleasure to read it from these sides and good luck to you and everyone in the Spliterlands team

Llegue tarde a apoyarte x motivos personales. Sorry.
Aunque me alegro que almenos a ti te respondió el equipo, a mi creo que ni me votaron 😂