Splinterlands' Spot on NewsWatch TV Will Air on AMC on Monday

2년 전

As we announced in this post about a month ago, Splinterlands will be featured in a 90-second segment on the NewsWatch television show which airs on the AMC network.

The filming and editing of the segment has been completed and is scheduled to air on AMC's national broadcast station this Monday, January 27th, at both 7 AM EST in the eastern US and 7 AM PST in western US. We hope that you will tune in and check out the show!

In addition to the aired segment, Splinterlands will also receive:

  • A month-long social media campaign targeting their base of 200k followers and 500k guaranteed online impressions.
  • Targeted distribution through news outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, the Associated Press, Wired, and Huff Po.
  • A display ad marketing Campaign through Google Display Ad network with a guarantee of 1.6M impressions.

Some players have expressed concern about the fact that there is a scheduled downtime for updates the following day, but we expect that it will be a very quick and simple update and will have minimal impact to any new players who may come as a result of the NewsWatch segment.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Very cool! Hopefully this will attract a tone of new players. By the way, I started to get the Splinterlands ads.

Lovely design, isn't it?

Awesome! Looking forward to it!! 🤘😝

Will the price of cards and packs rise??


Pack price is set, card price is based off markets so its anyones guess to card prices but they fluctuate.

Splinterlands is awesome game and I am quite sure that it will achieve milestones and become popular worldwide.

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@tipu curate

Woop Splinterlands goes live on air!!!

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waooo, I don´t have AMC lol but I hope to watch the show on youtube.

Splinterlands is really a fun game. Thanks for inventing it.

I look forward to seeing the broadcast.

Thanks for the update.