Slowly Building My New Rental Account

2개월 전


The foundation of what my new rebuild plan is going to be is going to be centered around renting cards out to generate income. I then plan to put all of my rental income back into more cards and/or packs and just keep building from there.

Right now I'm primarily focused on buying packs but while I've been doing that I've also been slowly trying to build a rental account with only the new reward cards.

Up until recently I was only making like 5 DEC a day but I put a bit more money into the account and am up to about 35 DEC per day which is now into the range of being able to at least buy one additional rewards common every day so there is already beginning to be a method for me to keep reinvesting my income back into building this new account now.

Over time this will keep growing until it starts generating some really nice income every single day.

That's the goal anyway! Excited to see how this keeps unfolding.

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