Are You Playing Steemmonsters / Splinterlands?

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Are you already an active player at Splinterlands / Steemmonsters? If not, then you should be! This game is one of the best blockchain games available and it's built on the Steem blockchain too!!! is the place to go to register, it costs $10 to buy the game and this comes with a "starter set" which contains enough cards for you to use and play the game with. While you will not fly up the leagues with the starter set, it is a good way in to the game and you can even earn anywhere from 0.5 to 1 steem per day (at time of writing) by playing roughly 20 games a day. Your win rate would determine the amount received.

When you play Splinterlands and win a ranked match you will earn a token called "dark energy crystals" referred to as DEC. You can convert your DEC on for Steem, this is how you can make 0.5 to 1 steem per day by playing the game!

You also get a daily quest every 24 hours when completed it will reward you with cards, potions, dec etc. It is worth completing the daily quest each day as it can drop gold foil cards which sell at approx. 3 steem minimum!

This is one of the best ways you can build your Steemit account and you should definitely join in the game if you want to build your account up on!

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