Cocatrice Wins All The Time



This week are taking a look at the mighty Cocatrice. This simple dragon can be the key to victory in a lot of differnt battles. Its main use will always be as either a first position or last position tank. With high speed, flying and doge this guy can make the best monsters miss. It only costs two mana so easy to fit into the team. Watch below as he doesn't dodge any attacks but still helps me win a game with speed.

I was hoping to show you how hard it is to hit Cocatrice. It is a bit like that cat but not as cute. But in this battle, he was just a fast attacker. It shows you one other good use of the card. That is a low cost for high damage. Let me know if you also entered the contest I can always learn for others.
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This video explanation of the Cocatrice and your battle is THE BEST!
(side thought: I always pronounce it cock-a-treece... and while I'm right often, I've been know to be wrong...)
For real. I gave you a 100% upvote for quality and for uploading your video to Youtube. If people stumble across this, I'm sure it will peak their interest. Make sure you share your affiliate link in the Youtube description ( I totally didn't go look to see if you did...)
Awesome. 🥰 @carrieallen