England on the last sixteen to beat in Panama

2년 전

England beat Panamá 6-1 in the Novogorad Why did the hat-trick? Two goals came from John Stones. JC Liegard scored the rest Philippa Bally has repaid a goal in Panama.

Finally, in the 78th minute, the smile hit Panamera face. Of course, in this match, for the first time in the World Cup, the opponent could hit the ball in the net, so much so happy Panama. But before that, in Novgorod, that is not just Panamai, England will also remember a lot of days.

The difference is that one group, which is desperate, the other party's happinessism. In straight words, England beat Panama 6-1. Try to tell Panamake, who you are playing with, understand what to play! In this game of foot, which will show you, we will show!

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