4 sets are suitable for the runner's lifting flexibility, open the joint's stretching action

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Many runners experience problems such as muscle strain, joint damage, and running fast enough.

These problems all have one common reason: the body is not flexible enough.

The importance of flexibility to the body can be attributed to two points in terms of exercise: avoiding injuries + improving athletic performance

A flexible runner is not easy to get hurt, even if it falls down, it can resist and relieve external shocks and reduce injuries.

The essence of exercise is action. It is usually stretched for the back and hips, which can speed up the swing of the legs during running.
Run faster.

Here are 4 Amway for everyone, which is very suitable for runners to improve flexibility and stretch action.

These movements are aimed at the parts that runners need to stretch most. Keep practicing and the safety and quality of running will be greatly improved.

Stand up. Inhale, lean over to the ground while exhaling, keep your knees bent.
Crawl forward with both hands and put your feet on the heel.
All fours touch the ground and exhale, while the body presses hard in the direction of the heel.
First right hand, back left hand, slowly climb in the direction of the heel, legs straight out. The body presses hard in the direction of the heel until the hand can touch the foot.
In order to increase the stretching range, the chest and the head can be further pressed to the thigh, and the knees of the legs are straightened.
The center of gravity is placed on the forefoot, crawling forward on the ground with your hands, and your knees are straight.
Exhale while the hips fall to one side. Inhale, hips back to the middle, exhale, hips to the other - side down, then back to the middle.
First right hand, rear left hand, step by step to the two feet, the left and right hands move once every time, the left and right sides of the hip fall down and then come back, then the two hands continue to move backwards.
Repeat step 8 until your hands are close to your feet.

The back is lying flat. Exhale, hold your knees with both hands, and raise your knees to your chest. With each exhalation, slowly pull closer to the chest.
Release your knees and open your hands to the side of your body. When you exhale, keep your legs together and put them down in the same direction. When inhaling, keep your legs upright, and when you exhale, lower your legs to the other side and repeat as many times as needed until you feel the waist loose.
Turn over, limbs on the ground, exhale, while the hips slowly move backwards, and finally sit on the heel of their feet, the two arms stick forward and stick forward.
The chin is adducted, and the hip continues to press down, approaching the heel.
The hips move to the left and right to stretch the sides of the waist.

With your limbs on the ground, your hands are slightly wider than your shoulders, your fingers are pointing to the outside, and your knees are close together.
Exhale, the hips swing slowly to the right. Inhale, the hips slowly swing back. Exhale, the hips slowly swing to the left.
The hips oscillate from side to side and back to the middle. With each swing, the hip hem gradually increases in amplitude and is getting closer to the ground.
In order to increase the stretching range, when the center of gravity is rotated, the hip is close to the ground in the direction of the foot.
When the hip falls down on one side, the head can be turned to the other side to stretch to more soft tissue.
Repeat this set of movements several times until you feel the hips are clearly relaxed and the movements are more comfortable.

sit on the floor. One leg stretches forward, the knee bends, the other leg extends back, and the knee bends 90°. If possible, the forefoot's soles lick the knees of the hind legs.
Exhale, use both hands to force the upper body to turn backwards away from the front leg, and turn toward the back leg along the arc. Inhale and relax, exhale the upper body and continue to rotate backwards.
In order to increase the stretching range, when exhaling, the right hip can be slightly lifted off the ground.
To enhance the stretching of the quadriceps, place your forearm on the ground, bend your hind legs, place your feet close to the gluteal muscles, or grab your left foot with your left hand.
To enhance the stretching of the fascia, raise your left hand over the head, raise the hip on the same side outward, and stretch the body toward the other side.

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