Neymar returned to the field, Brazil win the match

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Brazil's victorious hero Neymar returned to the field after more than three months. After recovering from a foot injury, he came back with a friendly match against Croatia. Liverpool Field Anfield won the first two goals in Croatia by 2-0 goals in Sylhet. In the second half, Neymar was named as the coach of Leonardo Bacchi. In 69 minutes, Neymar went on to win the spectacular goal of team-mates. Philippe, with the ball from Kutineho, walked through the left edge of the D-box, taking a strong shot at the right leg while cutting two. The bar shook the ball into the trap. Neymar has been out of the competition since February this year because of the right foot surgery. Roberto Ferremano scored the second goal from the pass of Casemero at the time of an injury. Brazil will play another warm-up game before flying to Brazil Austria will host Neymar on June 10 Brazil will start the World Cup on 17th June with the match in Switzerland. Costa Rica and Serbia are the other two opponents of the 'E' group.

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