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Decentralized Autonomous Football Club


I want your thoughts on what a team that was run by it's fans and shareholders would look like. As any Colombian I love soccer.

In a perfect world there would be a team that would involve fans from around the world in a symbiotic way in which they can get rewards by doing certain tasks. Here are several cool things I will imagine we will be able to do.

  1. Decentralized Scouting: Today most European teams have players from multiple countries. Setting up scouting operations is very expensive and traveling constantly does not give team scouts the opportunity to fully examine prospects. Take Colombia as an example. Local coaches who have much more intelligence and affinity with players would be willing to constantly update on players progress if they were able to get something in return upon sale.

  2. Team Rewards: A soccer team's value is a much more complicated thing to determine than 20 years ago. Metrics such as likes, followers might be more representative of a team's value than it's players would suggest. Fans have no incentive today to be active on social media. The only real value that Colombian fans could give to a European team would be to help improve their metrics and should be rewarded for this.

  3. Preventing Fraud: Illegal financial activity seems to be FIFA's favorite activity. Teams world wide can be sited of not paying wages, shady finances and payouts amongst other reprehensible activity. Whether FIFA or a single team, if it were run in a DAO the finances would be completely transparent and open.

  4. Advertising: Fans could offer the data that they allow advertisers to use on the DAO and get rewards for this. The data would be really useful for advertisers and ultimately it would deliver quality marketing and products to people.

What other ways can you think about using DAO ideas to run a football team?

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