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World cup WhatsApp group

Ronaldo created this group

Ronaldo added messi

 _​Messi is now admin​_

Iwobi: good afternoon house

Lewandowski : hi

Ronaldo: This is not a Niqerian whatsapp qroup

Messi; LoL

Ronaldo; Messi how far qualification

   ​Ramos joined using the group link

  macherano joined using the group link

Messi; @Ronaldo.. you are stupid.. The battle is not Over

Caballero; Yes... It is not over..

Macherano; Lol... See mumu...mitchew .....this group is annoying

Ramos; basket keeper...

Messi; Bastard ...common to catch ball... U cannot

Pogba: hahaha

Kante : my chest

Mikel obi :ours didn't reach 3 ooo

Caballero; imagine dating someone that has no qoals.. Lord have #MESSI

Moses; just kill me biko

Mane; i smell fiqht

Messi removed Caballero​

 _macherano left​

Mane: admin who left

Iwobi: smile...........😂😂

_messi added Macherano​

Karuis : come on guys they tried

Bale : the same way you tried

Modric : and cried

Sterling : and benched

Benzema: till career finishes

      ​​karius left​​

Sane: @Aguero when are you coming back?...

Aguero: meaning What?? ....... World cup never finish

Subašič; please who is Aguero?

Messi; Our striker

Igalo: that cannot score

Messi: you have you scored?

Moses: @messi won miss penalty 2018

Rashford: epic miss

Lingard: smile........😂😂

Subaśič; lol.. Please admin add Rebić.. Rakitić. mandzuki..kramarič. And my man Mandzukič

Iwobi; For what.......all this " ich ich" people

Messi; @subaśič is like u are very stupid..

Mane; lol.. Send them the group link nah @subasic

​Messi revoked the group link​

Ronaldo; LoL

Ramos; Savage

Zlatan : lions don't recover like humans

Ramos: sharrap old fool, retire already

Etebe; Etebs interNet Assurance
10GB for 22$
15GB for 27GB
Call or whatspp me

Mikel; @Etebe........bro this is not Nigeria group chat

Ronaldo removed zlatan​

Subasic; @Etebe... Scammer❌❌❌❌❌❌

   messi removed Etebe

Mo Salah : lol

Ramos : hey bro mo Salah what's up

Mo Salah : who's your bro...... & Don't ever come to Egypt

Buffon: hahahaha

Neymar : what......?

Casimero: smile.....😂😂

T Kross : what.......?

           ​salah left

Can: hehehe

Mbappe : @CAN you that went on free transfer, what re you laughing at....?

Lukaku: lwkm

Hazard: can't talk to now... 🙆‍♂

De bruyne: fada lawd

Iwobi; up super eagles

Messi : which one

Ronaldo : the one that dealt with your country messilessly during friendlies

Willian: savagery

Mikel: lol

Mikel: abeg my bro de sell our new jersey for shopfrica Messi you ft check am out

Lovren: but why Mikel 😂😂

Godin: oh Ronaldo and Mikel has finished Messi

Isco: hahaha

Pogba: Messi short man eeya

Ndidi : adonbilivit🙆‍♂🤣🤣

    Rebic joined using group link

Rakitic joined using group link

Macherano; mitchewww

         macherano Left

Ronaldo; LoL..

Rakitiç; helo mates.. Messi my bro

Messi; am not ur bro😡😡😡😡..because u have qualified nah... We will still meet.. Nigeria will lose this evening.. And i will trash them

Mikel; see mumu

Isco; lol

Coutinho; Nigera 2 vs 0 iceland.... Full time

Moses.; musa Issa Goal.. Admin please add musa

     ​Ronaldo added Musa​

   musa is now admin

Messi; Ronaldo u are very stupid😡😡😡

     messi left

To be continued........

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