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Dear steemit community today iam very happy because wwe 2018 summer slam universal champion my wwe fav. superstar Roman Reigns.

The Universal Championship at SummerSlam saw one of its most sensational matches ever with Roman Reigns crushing Brock Lesnar and turn into the Universal Champion on Monday.

Rules conveyed numerous lances and Superman punches to Lesnar toward the beginning of the match, however it wasn't sufficient to put down the victor.

Be that as it may, the headliner of SummerSlam did not go the way either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns had arranged it. As not long after the match began for the Universal Championship, they were hindered by Braun Strowman.

The creature among men declared that he would trade out the Money in the Bank contract after the session amongst Roman and Brock, on whoever developed as the Universal Champion.

Tragically for Braun, his designs did not happen as expected. Roman unintentionally hit him with a jump, when Brock evaded the move. Lesnar at that point chose to dispose of the risk of Braun and hit him with a F5, before discarding the folder case to the passageway. This left the Monster ill-equipped, and unfit to trade out.

In the event that you don't keep a BEAST, a BIG DOG, and a MONSTER isolated... the outcome looks a bit of something like this!

Brock Lesnar reemerged the ring in the wake of assaulting Strowman with a steel seat, and he ended up on the less than desirable end of a lance when he pivoted and that was sufficient for Roman to wrap up the thing and snatch his first historically speaking Universal Title.
Thanks to my all steemit friends.

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