Ronaldo super hit, Messi super flop!

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Cristiano Ronaldo's good performance against Spain in Sochi last night, many people are alarmed, Lionel Messi was under a little pressure! The optimists had said that Messi must have been against Iceland in the future after Ronaldo's very quick performance. Although undeclared, there is a competition between Messi and Ronaldo! But today Messi's final failure at Spartak Park in Moscow.

The match between the two sides can be compared to tomorrow's match in many places. Both of them got the penalty. Got a chance to score from the freak. Ronaldo became the super hit by utilizing two opportunities in cold-hearted manner. Both of them have been super flop today! When Ronaldo pulled the team with a hat-trick in front of a big team like Spain alone, Messi did not do anything for wrestling against Iceland who came to play for the first time. The two teams are drawn. Match is also here. But the glory of Portugal's glory! And the drawers of the Argentine are just dirty!

At the beginning of the World Cup, Messi dropped behind the huge margin of Ronaldo! Ronaldo 3-0 Messi No, the gap may be too big. From the front, the lion-leader of leadership is published in number!

The World Cup is just beginning. Both of them have two more games to play in the group. There is still a fight left. Ronaldo rushing forward to return to Messi and Messi? Private dualism may have kept away; But the party? Messi will not go out against Croatia and Nigeria if the World Cup will be out in the World Cup in Argentina!

Ronaldo won the Portugal Euro Championship in 2016. But Messi failed to lift Argentina in a World Cup and two Copa America final. Messi there will be still 'Club Legend'! Club? Ronaldo has won the last three champions league in that fight! Although the number of trophies won may be one; But in the glory there Ronaldo forward here.
Messi and fans will be very upset if Messi and Ronaldo show a comparative statistic from the first two matches in this year's World Cup. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick with seven shots in the entire match against Spain, and Messi failed to make 11 shots against Iceland. Messi of Barcelona and Messi of Argentina - the difference to big mysterious football fancies.

But a statistic can give some relief. That statistic is from Iceland. Portugal scored 1-1 in the first match in Euro 2016, against Portugal 1-1. Ronaldo did not score even 10 goals in the match. Argentine wants to find some good indications from the match, may also take. But in the final judgment, we have to show something. Statistics or record but do not win!

Messi vs Ronaldo in penalty

Lionel Messi - Cristiano Ronaldo

Goal: 79 - Goal: 88

Hate: 24 - Hate: 18

Total: 79/103 - Total: 88/106

Success: 76.69 percent - Success: 82.22 percent

In this World Cup: There are no goals in 11 shots

At the World Cup: 3 goals in 4 shots

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Life only GOD know everything but human people don't know the future


yes you are right. he just published a news, so never mind. it can be change.


thank you for understand me.

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