Denver Broncos Officially Introduced QB Joe Flacco to Broncos Country Today.

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I can’t say that Broncos fans are jumping up and down because Joe Flacco is in town and the new boss of the Broncos offense.
When Payton Manning was signed in Denver there was a definite “buzz” around the state because we knew what kind of player he was but more importantly Manning never really handed Denver any devastating losses while he was in Indy. Flacco however does not get that luxury because he beat Denver at home with a miraculous 65 yard bomb and time running out. That year may have been the best team Denver ever had that nobody knows about. A freezing cold game with windchill around -15 made the loss sting so bad it had fans in Denver wondering how it was even possible that we lost that game.....and Flacco was the main reason why! He’s gonna have to win some fans over for sure, and winning games can quickly change a lot of minds. With only two QB on the roster right now, look for Denver to also draft a QB in rounds 4-7 that is a project and possibly going after a decent backup for depth. Flacco had his first press conference in Denver today and he has big plans for Denver’s passing game. Flacco played maybe his best season ever last year in the first six games before he got hurt but, eventually lost his job to a up and coming rookie Lamar Jackson. Hopefully Flacco comes in here and plays like a man not only on the edge of loosing his job as a starting QB in the NFL but also as the solid veteran he has been for many years. He is a former Super Bowl MVP ya know.......
Source: Denver Broncos Media

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Oh, he'll strong-arm his way into their hearts, even if he is a post-seasonal baby.

He is a former Super Bowl MVP ya know.......

Oh, yeah!! That why they paid the big bucks. When was that again? I can only remember so far back... I actually think he may surprise the naysayers.


Joe is going to do good things in Denver. I do think that they will struggle because they don't have a stand out receiver. With Emanuel Sanders coming back from his injury its will be tough to stretch the field.

Flacco needs to do well now since he played nine games in 2018, before a hip injury caused the coaching staff to turn to new quarterback Lamar Jackson. Ravens went 4-5 with Flacco in the start, Joe had the worst statistics during his performances, while Jackson led the team to the final result of 10-6 and getting into the playoffs.

Flacco is solid. Hopefully he plays like his Super Bowl MVP self.

Better get a young QB in the draft and get Flacco to help him come along instead of throwing out a QB in his rookie year this will give the future QB time to develop. It was a good move by the Broncos. I don't like how teams throw in these rookie QB's without them sitting at least a year behind a veteran to learn the game in the NFL level. Some teams don't have that luxury to do so but getting Flacco now Broncos could do just that.

This is the beginning for Joe Flacco in the country

Great post season performer if Denver can make it to the dance.

I still remembere that playoof game, that was a horrible way to end a great season.

Joe Flacco also had a huge win against the Patriots to advance in the play-offs and eventually to Super Bowl MVP status. He has one of the strongest arms in the game, but I'm not sure he reads defenses quite like Tom Brady or Manning . Heck probably not even as good as Eli Manning!

He is serviceable though and should be a decent stopgap while Elway figures out who the next Franchise QB can be.

Great to know about that thanks for sharing that update lets rule broncos

Hey man, don't knock Flacco. In my book, he is coming in to Denver with the exact same resume as Peyton: 1 Super Bowl ring. That's all that matters. Maybe he'll leave like Peyton did, too. With 2 Super Bowl rings.

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