Breaking News: Atletico resigned to Griezmann exit (steemitSPORTS)

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Atletico Madrid are getting to be surrendered to losing Antoine Griezmann this mid year, with Barcelona the top picks to sign him, says football reporters. 


Griezmann said a week ago he needs his future settled before he ventures out with France to the World Cup in the mid year. It has been accounted for Atletico will offer him another arrangement trying to keep him.

credit  Barcelona are attempting to do it the decent way, and the other route, to endeavor to ensure he doesn't go anyplace else, he said. They are going to Atletico Madrid and saying 'when you are prepared to talk, how about we take a seat, I know it's 100m euros buyout statement however in the event that we give you somewhat more will you be upbeat and we can at present be companions?' 

In the meantime Atletico Madrid are endeavoring to persuade him to stay, disclosing to him we will get three or four best players, however they are surrendered to him taking off. He needs everything arranged before the World Cup begins.

While Griezmann could join Barcelona in the mid year, Andres Iniesta, 33, could be en route out. 

The accomplished midfielder said a week ago: "I haven't chosen 100 for each penny on the off chance that I am will stay or not. On the off chance that I stay, it will be on account of I can perform at 200 for every penny. In the event that I abandon, it will be on the grounds that I can't give the 200 for every penny that the club merit from me. That is the uncertainty I have."

There has been accounted for enthusiasm from China in Iniesta, and repoters stated: "The way he has been talking it sounds like he is taking off. He is stating I need to settle on a choice, Barcelona is the club of my life, however there are times when different things take need, that is the way he is talking."

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