The perfect game in football

2년 전

For me watching football is exciting because you'll never now who's gonna win the game. If I had to discribe the perfect game this would be it:

Offcourse you have to have two teams. I love an upset result so one of the teams has to be the underdog and the other team the big favourite.
The first half:
When the game starts I would let the favourites score first so that everybody thinks its going to be a walk in the park. They are gonna win this for sure. Now the favourites have scored and are up 1-0, they want to finish this as quick as possible and are looking to score a second goal. They are much stronger and creating a lot of chances but they are not able to score again in the first half. 1-0 at the half time break.
The second half:
The favourites are still in control but our underdogs are getting more confidence because its only 1-0. And then out of the blue the underdogs score! How about that!1-1 Now everybody thinks: ' hey, this is going to be an exciting game' but five minutes later I would let the favourites score again. 2-1. At this moment nobody believes in the chances of the underdogs. The favourites are creating a lot of chances and are dominating again. Then I would let the underdogs score agian! 2-2 Who would have thought. The game is about to go into extra time. Nobody believed the underdogs would go this far. They are celebrating the overtime as it was a victory!
The extra time:
After a couple of minutes I would let the underdogs score. 2-3. The crowd can't believe their eyes, the underdog is up 2-3. And I would let them score another one! 2-4. The crowd is going wild, are they really gonna win this? Is it possible? And just when you think that the underdogs are going to win I would let the favourites score again. 3-4!
Nobody knows who is gonna win this game. Its still a couple of minutes to go. The favourites are creating chances and the underdogs are creating chances. This can go both ways. In the last minute the favourites create a last chance but this is saved by the goalie and the game is over! The underdog wins it 3-4 what a game!

In 1986 I witnessed this game! check it out!

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