When it Comes to Signing Basketball Players Like Kevin Durant, NBA's Golden State Warriors Have the Lacob Edge

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“I’m glad Larry Ellison didn’t get it. That proves you don’t have to be a dick to win.” The date was July 15, 2010, and the speaker was a radio host in San Francisco (I’m paraphrasing from memory, since I heard it almost eight years ago). Bidding had just concluded for potential buyers of the sale of the Golden State Warriors, one of the worst basketball franchises in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Many sports fans had been led to believe that Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, wanted the team badly and would win the bidding. After all, the team's arena was already named after his company.

Oracle Arena. Creative Commons via Flickr.com by May Wong.

But he didn’t. When the new majority owners of the Golden State Warriors were announced, they were two men whose names were not familiar to most sports fans: Joe Lacob and Peter Guber. Joe Lacob is a billionaire venture capitalist with deep connections in Silicon Valley. And as more NBA stars turn toward investing and gaining equity in technology companies, no one is better positioned than the athletes who play for Joe Lacob. He gives the Warriors an edge that few NBA owners can match.

From Boos to Championships

In early 2012, the Warriors held a celebration to retire the jersey number of one of the team’s few heroes of the past, Chris Mullin. This was a hapless team that had foundered for many years since its only championship, more than a generation earlier. Getting into the playoffs at all was a highlight for this team. When the new majority owner, Joe Lacob, took up the microphone in the arena that night, he was booed by the team’s fans.

It was unfair of the fans to boo Lacob in early 2012, since he had been in control of the team for less than two years at that point. But decades of fan frustration spilled over and he took some of the blame for past ineptitude. It seemed that nothing would change.

Then all of the sudden, under Lacob’s watch, everything did change. Past draft picks, including Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, began to mature into not just good NBA players, but bona fide stars. A dark horse hire in the front office, former agent Bob Myers, ascended to the General Manager role. He began to fill in holes and brought in key drafts picks such as Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes in 2012. Owner Joe Lacob landed his golden boy coach, Steve Kerr, in 2014 after few basketball experts predicted that Kerr would forgo other career opportunities to coach the Warriors, a team that always had trouble attracting the top people.

Later, the team attracted one of the NBA’s marquee stars, Kevin Durant, to join in free agency and then renew on a below-market contract extension.

Owner Joe Lacob (in the middle with arms raised) celebrating one of his championships. Source: USA Today.

And now in early 2018, how big has the change been? Looking back just a few short years later, the Warriors have won two NBA championships and appeared in the last three NBA Finals. They now enter the playoffs again this year with an injured squad and tougher competition around the league, but with the chance to go deep into the playoffs once again. That will be at least four straight years that the team has set up as one of the top forces in the NBA.

Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and David West All Left Millions of Dollars on the Table to Sign With the Warriors

Many experts predict that, barring injuries (which is a big “if”), the Golden State Warriors will contend for more NBA titles in the years to come. Franchise player Steph Curry has been signed to a long term deal. And this week, we learned that the team’s other franchise player, Kevin Durant, will opt out of the second-year of his current below-market contract.

Why is he opting out? Does he want to test the market and make more money? No, rumor is that he will sign again with the Warriors on a restructured deal. Durant seems to have some behind-the-scenes understanding with Warriors’ ownership.

Last year, Durant signed a two-year deal for WELL below his market rate, now opting out of the second year with his option. As CBS Sports reported, “When Kevin Durant re-signed with the Warriors over the summer he did so at a massive discount. The expectation was that he would take less than the max, but nobody expected him to sign the two-year $53 million deal he agreed to.”

Durant and Curry. Source: Golden State Warriors.

Will he keep signing below-market deals (taking advantage of the increased salary cap each year, then opting out and re-signing again) to keep this group together and keep them contending? Super-bench player Andre Iguodala signed again with the Warriors in 2017 on a three-year extension, passing up on the chance to make more money elsewhere. Veteran David West did the same, passing up millions of dollars elsewhere to sign for the league minimum salary with the Warriors in 2016.

What on earth is going on here? On the surface, there are two possibilities: (1) This is a nice group of guys and they like playing with one another and for coach Steve Kerr (more than they like making millions of dollars more elsewhere). (2) These players want the chance to win championships with a loaded roster (which is worth more to them than the millions of dollars they might make playing on another non-contending team).

Conventional wisdom is that one or both of those are true. And yet, from Bob Myers to Steve Kerr to Kevin Durant to Andre Iguodala to David West to Kevin Durant again (and others I have not even mentioned), owner Joe Lacob seems to get the right deal done. In the end, he almost always gets his man, even when they seemingly had more lucrative options elsewhere. Basketball fans have begun to expect Lacob will be able to attract anyone he wants.

Source: Bloomberg.

The Silicon Valley Warriors

And that is the third reason top talent keeps signing with the Warriors: Joe Lacob.

Before buying the Warriors and helping steer them to two titles and three finals in the last three years, Joe Lacob was a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (technically, he still is). That’s one of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. How can Joe Lacob keep getting Kevin Durant on below-market contracts? Lacob doesn’t need to give Durant all that money himself. He’s a venture capitalist with every connection in Silicon Valley.

Last year, the New York Times posted a story entitled, How Kevin Durant Became Silicon Valley’s Hottest Startup, which included the following update:

“Asked if he is plugging into the Bay Area tech scene, Mr. Durant responded that he is eagerly following the lead of a Warriors teammate, Andre Iguodala, who is a noted investor in companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Tesla.”

Andre Iguodala of the Warriors, a big player in the world of tech investing. Source: TechCrunch.

Curry and Iguodala. Source: Bloomberg.

By the way, Durant also drives a Tesla. The same article went on to note that the Durant Company, his investment entity, has “a swirling portfolio of investments in tech companies like Postmates and Acorns,” aided by super Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway. (Conway is a friend of Warriors owner Joe Lacob who was a key public supporter of its new arena project and often can be seen sitting in the first row at games.) Steph Curry also invests in Silicon Valley companies like Brandless and Slyce (which he co-founded).

“Assisted by well-connected venture capitalists like Ron Conway and Ben Horowitz,” reported Barron’s, “more NBA stars are making a fast break for tech investments, partnerships, and start-up equity. Front and center are the Warriors, who are taking advantage of their proximity to Silicon Valley and ties to owner Joe Lacob.”

Lacob, Sports Executive of the Year in 2016. Source: PBS.

Lacob’s Edge

Owner Joe Lacob can introduce them to all the right people in Silicon Valley. Venture firms like Lacob’s Kleiner Perkins not only know how to select successful companies of the future; they have the power to help brand their trends, develop them, and mould them into winners. And what startup company wouldn’t want Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, or Andre Iguodala on its board, shaking hands with investors and charming other star-struck board members?

KD SFchron.jpg
Kevin Durant and his agent/partner announcing their venture capital work. Source: SF Chronicle.

“KD, you’re my guy. Stay here and help me win some titles. Even after you retire, you’ll be in the center of the action and earning even more. You can make a difference in the world. And I can make you a billionaire.”

Connecting the dots, that’s probably what owner Joe Lacob is able to tell these guys. If so, it’s a powerful pitch, and there’s every reason to believe he can deliver on it. That’s one more reason the Warriors players don’t mind giving up more lucrative offers to play here. Working with Uncle Joe and his buddies, they’ll make that money back many times over, not only now but for years after retiring from their playing careers. For now, they look like saints for signing on the cheap because they love their teammates, love the fans, and love contending for titles.

Warriors Owner Joe Lacob: What's the Secret to Success? From ESPN.

They also love Joe Lacob and his friends. And the rest of the league has very little answer to what this guy can do to attract and retain the top players. He appears to manage his team’s budget and stay beneath the salary cap. But his team’s payroll is only the beginning of the money that Lacob can help these players access and leverage. Off the field, their earning potential is much greater in the long run. With that additional income potential, the Warriors can afford to underpay and still score top players.

Screenshot from CNBC.com

Joe Lacob Beats Larry Ellison to Become New Owner of Warriors: https://www.mercurynews.com/2010/07/15/joseph-lacob-beats-larry-ellison-to-become-new-owner-of-golden-state-warriors/
Durant Will Opt Out and Restructure Deal: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/kevin-durant-will-reportedly-opt-out-of-contract-to-restructure-deal-with-warriors/
David West Chose Warriors and a Minimum Salary: https://www.mercurynews.com/2016/07/05/report-david-west-will-join-warriors-for-minimum-salary/
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Warriors Bet on Tech Startups: https://www.barrons.com/articles/silicon-slam-dunk-golden-state-warriors-bet-on-tech-start-ups-1513263624
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Top image: Slyce, Warriors star Steph Curry's startup.

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Its a smart move from sport stars to invest their hard earned money in businesses, you can't be a player for all your life and everyone that gets into sports knows its not a life career and you'll be out before you hit 50 for sure.

Investing their money on tech start ups is a win-win for them, for the companies and for the future of their families. I rather see sport stars investing their millions of dolars on companies, helping the economy and other people achieve their dreams than waste them on crazy cars, parties and houses that most end up losing at a later time in their lives, especially if they don't find a good financial floor after retiring from sports.


Yes, it gives them something for the future, both in terms of financial benefit and a second career.

I likewise believe it's critical to feature the manner by which Lacob and the administration have figured out how to manage the reality of having 2 hotshots like Kevin Durant and Curry on a similar group. Once in a while it has happened that there are groups that put a great deal of cash in players who don't have science among st them and starts an inner selves battle that influences the group to fall flat.


For sure. The fact that they get along and want what's best for the team are big factors also.


You answered to a pesky copy/paste abuser who uses multiple accounts to farm upvotes.
This comment for example is stolen from @alejandromata

I also think it's important to highlight the way in which Lacob have managed to deal with the fact of having 2 superstars like Kevin Durant and Curry on the same team.

Sometimes it has happened that there are teams that invest a lot of money in players who do not have chemistry between them and begins an egos fight that makes the team fails.

I wish @steemcleaners would finally blacklist him and all of his accounts ...

The billionaire boss is good but I'm more envious of the NBA players who can have both ends of the world. Playing at the highest level of basketball while living on the edge of technology world? It's a dream!

Many NBA players are smart now by investing their money during their playing days. There's a long list of players and even NBA superstars went bankrupt after earning millions of dollars due to failure to invest.

It's all about connection. Joe Lacob is a smart man.

I also think it's important to highlight the way in which Lacob have managed to deal with the fact of having 2 superstars like Kevin Durant and Curry on the same team.

Sometimes it has happened that there are teams that invest a lot of money in players who do not have chemistry between them and begins an egos fight that makes the team fails. Although Kevin Durant is a very humble person and Curry has been able to give him his space when he had to. Also It's impressive how he managed to create an environment in which players do not worry exclusively about money

This shows that Jacob is not an owner who only invests money but that he cares about the relationships between his players, which has given him these recent successes.


They definitely have targeted nice guys who are on the low end of the ego spectrum. It certainly has helped with chemistry.


Definitely, both Curry and Durant are very nice guys. They're very natural and kind.

This is what happens when people are able to see beyond short term gains. With the salary cap the way it is, these guys could definitely make a few million more today, but by becoming part of that valuable community, they are positioning themselves to earn significantly more in the long run.

Building something that has such value takes some short term sacrifice. Hmmmmm kind of sounds like something we all know very well.

Just don't get me started on how the Bulls front office refused to listen to Tom Thibodeau and drafted Marquis freaking Teague instead of Draymond Green like he told them too. Oh and you are also welcome for Jordan Bell too.

I feel this will take a mixture of competence and a good salary to spring up the motivation in any existing team. For Joe lacobs perspective it won't be so much a crime when passion is simply rewarded.

Wow! Not only this great for the players in the long term - while in short term starting a snowball with athletes teaming up with start ups - but it's going to be an additional reason why other players would want to join the Golden State Warriors... Mentorship, experience and whatnot.

One of the best prospects in Europe in the recent years Luka Doncic said recently that in the NBA draft he hopes to be picked by the warriors, there's already the appeal I think it will grow even bigger.


It was a backwater for decades that would need to overpay athletes to come play there. But more recently, it's a preferred destination.

When the new majority owner, Joe Lacob, took up the microphone in the arena that night, he was booed by the team’s fans.
It was unfair of the fans to boo Lacob in early 2012, since he had been in control of the team for less than two years at that point. But decades of fan frustration spilled over and he took some of the blame for past ineptitude. It seemed that nothing would change.
Then all of the sudden, under Lacob’s watch, everything did change

Sometimes the darkest points in our lives actually bring out the best in us. He had been in power for almost two years and nothing changed until he was booed by the crowed.

The crowd actually brought out the best in him and he pushed beyond his limits to become really great.

This is a lovely story and I got glued reading it.


Thanks. I think it was more that he hadn't had a chance to implement many changes yet and that fans did not see impacts from his changes that early on. Lacob improved some things and deserves plenty of credit. But also, some decisions made by others before his time (such as drafting Steph Curry) began to pay larger dividends during Lacob's tenure.

These athletes and their coaches know the power of inspiration. To keep winning, they feed their minds as much as their bodies. They distill their drive and determination into short basketball phrases that the rest of us can feed off of.


Minds and wallets. :)

great owner. When I had my little tech company he allowed us to beta test in Orlacle with the Team as a partner. He was very kind to us. I would like to point out that Klay would have been dealt if not for Jerry West stepping in. (I got that info from West's son so I think it's credible) Other than that almost mistake they have been brilliant, especially deep on the bench. I don't think they will win this year btw.


That's nice to hear. Yes, Jerry West has had a big impact on this roster also and made the others look good. Not trading Klay for Love was a very important choice. Of course, it was Lacob who probably brought in West also.


Ya know, I'm not sure the deal with West but I do now that he still lived in LA and flew to games. Not sure if that meant anything but I thought it was an odd thing.



Ah, boxing on ice with sticks. Bring it on.


Hahahaha boxing on ice, with sticks. Hahaha. What would you call Rugby?


Yea buddy, can the Pens do it again?! Round 3!

Enjoyed the read. It helps to explain how the Warriors have been able to not just assemble but keep this star-studded team in tact. I didn't realize just how deeply involved in Silicon Valley that Lacob actually is - makes a lot more sense now how he has been able to assemble the dominant winning culture that he has at Golden State. And I agree that I don't think this team is going anywhere in the future - they are going to continue to compete for Championships. Like you mentioned, his background and connections give him a couple of sizable advantages over the other NBA owners - thanks for all of the great info!


Thanks for the comment. They'll be together for a while and have a chance to keep winning as long as they can stay healthy. The future is an unknown, but at some point, the injuries will pile up and these guys will lose a few steps. When that time comes, I wonder if it may be easier for the W's to sunset these guys' careers in that they have a relevance and an income beyond the court. Will be interesting to watch.


You're welcome - and I agree completely, at some point in the future, the injuries will pile up and the time will come where they will slow down like you noted and the run will come to an end. Will be interesting to see if that plays out - and if they can have relevance and continue to grow their wealth substantially after their playing days are done.

I look at this in 2 ways. The first is that I can’t help but to admire the fact that these guys are willing to play for less and that they are able to find ways to boost thier incomes through legal channels. Lacob is in the perfect position to make this happen. It is also great to see that the owner is in full control of his team in an era where NBA players seem to have so much control over team decisions. You need only look to LeBron James to see this.
The second thought that comes to mind is that this ability for these players to basically ensure they stay together and win demonstrates much of what is hurting the NBA. This is a league that has been seeing players basically chose playing situations that almost guarantee championship potential. The NBA has very little parody and it seems that there is always a select few teams that have a shot at a title. When owners and players are able to find ways to keep the top tier talent in place it means the rest of the league is always trying to play catch up. I’m not saying there is something wrong being done but I think it must be frustrating for fans of a team to know that the odds are high for another Cavs vs Warriors final. Doesn’t it get a little boring watching the same teams and players dominate every season? Great post.


That's absolutely true. I minimized the other reasons they stay together, for purposes of making my point, but you're certainly right that these guys want to win and are willing to be slightly selfless in other ways (or at least think longer term than most do).

@donkeypong, too many times, sports stars have faded to obscurity when their careers come to an end, after a bad divorce or poorly thought out investment plan. There are so many sports stars living broke in the world today because they didn't think properly about the endgame.

What Joe Lacob is offering his team is pension, something other clubs cannot offer. When the deals and endorsements are no longer forthcoming and you can no longer flip the balls or find the net, you will still have your investment yielding interest, bringing profit, you will still be relevant. That will make anyone sign cheap deals with the man.

The business model is worthy of emulation. They are winning titles, they are making money, everybody is happy; what's not to love.


Correct. It's like a pension and a second career, plus a nice sideline now.


Well it is a brilliant idea that I think other sporting establishments should emulate. Even if they cannot provide access to the Silicon Valley community, they can provide financial advice for the players, bring in people who care about these men and women and not out to rip them off, to teach them how to invest their money for the times when the source of their wealth would cease.

It is quite painful to live in so much ease, with the adoration of fans, then to suddenly find yourself homeless. It just sucks.

genius, with that contract they secured a series of seasons as champions, without a doubt this season they repeat

It depends. Some people play for the love of the game and jersey and some just go for the money. It's all well and good signing a player but you want someone willing to give it there all regardless of the contract.

Such an interesting post,keep it up.I also love basketball.

No doubt the change of management of the Golden State Warriors made the difference. for years when the warriors were one of the worst team in the NBA I told my friends, the warriors do more than 110 points per game and stephen curry is a super star, starred in this team could I said at that time, I also said: if the warriors make more than 110 pts per game because they lose? at that time I told my friends the warriors need 2 good defenders said and done the new management realized that flaw now is currently one of the best in the NBA

The golden state are edges

@donkeypong, You give us very interesting to read of basketball stars. I love to watch NBA series matches and lot of love to watch Kevin Durant's skills. He was a talented player when I see.

Later, the team attracted one of the NBA’s marquee stars, Kevin Durant, to join in free agency and then renew on a below-market contract extension.

Every marquee stars from every game definitely connect with contract extension and they take massive opportunity to earn from them. With these signed contract team management will hope their team being get champions and I think players given massive task for do that. Thanks for fascinating blog post.

That’s one more reason the Warriors players don’t mind giving up more lucrative offers to play here. Working with Uncle Joe and his buddies, they’ll make that money back many times over, not only now but for years after retiring from their playing careers.

Investment for the future!. They would appreciate it better, later. That's what most clubs should do. Many players throw so much away, when they are still in active playing days. Financial advisors, and investments, would help them when their playing careers are over and the income flow is streamlined. I like this.

Basketball is one game I love somuch, but here in my country it is not rated that high like how it is rated in some developed country . i even played the game of basketball abit when I was much younger, but had to drop it because there were no encouragement. But most times I watch and follow the game on TV. Thanks @donkeypong for the educative update about the current happenings in the game of basketball.

Even though I may not love basketball 🏀 as such, if you read through this write up, you'll realize that there are lots of lessons to learn and apply to our everyday lives.

Most times, what we think would be, might not really be it.

Nice story, thanks for sharing....

Uncle Joe, brought something different to the table, something the others are not offering, and because it's not always about the present, everybody wants a secure retirement plan, he is selling these men a rock solid retirement plan and it's flying.
@donkeypong, sometimes we have to do things differently to get the best results.

Still your boy @royaltiesboss-eu

warrior knights have an opportunity to change the storyline in the up and coming ball show and b-ball business. much thanks to you for sharing data about players, programs, potential winning and business advancement going ahead.

In the wake of securing his seventh successive appearance in the N.B.A. finals, LeBron James, considered by some to approach Michael Jordan's level of enormity, spent his post game talk with last Thursday looking at preparing for "the juggernaut out West." Las Vegas has made his guarding champion Cleveland Cavaliers overwhelming underdogs to the Golden State Warriors, and web-based social networking has detonated with exchanges about whether the Cavaliers can maintain a strategic distance from a breadth. The Warriors, for a few, have turned into the "Enormous Bad" that Cleveland will attempt to vanquish. Following a couple of years as the sweethearts of the class, Golden State has discovered that its notoriety has developed, and keeping in mind that any reaction against it has been a long way from all inclusive, it has on occasion held onto the foot rear area turn as simply one more advance in its tireless quest for ball flawlessness. On the off chance that they needed to wind up scalawags en route, so be it.

The sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball has many negative and positive things about it based on my opinion. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many people’s eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others...

It is a part of marketing strategies of the managers in order to attract players.

Some players would ask “what more can you offer us?”
Some managers would say, we have the best equipment, best facilities, medical care or etc.

Uncle Joe on the other hand would say, hell yeah I can feed your family for the next 3 centuries. Whats next? 🤔

Sports is a beautiful for our lifestyles , I also love the various sports.

I'ma warriors fan and even I continue to be surprised at the 'sacrifices' the guys make to play for the team.
This explains it.
I only pray Curry heals quickly in time for the second round.

Thx for this backstory.
You reminded me of Run TMC

It's really informative article to me cuz I'never know lot of about NBA basketball league. I know lot of Netball and Volleyball games and attended both games some years ago. I think they will earn more income with second business methods. Also team will be motivation as this decisions. Love to reading @donkeypong.

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que sigan con los éxitos

Wow..such a detail story.thanks for this @donleypong

that's great. I like it.

Thanks for always updating us in world of sport

warrior knights have a chance to change the storyline in the upcoming basketball drama and basketball business. thank you for sharing information about players, programs, potential winning and business development going forward.

I just believe every signing that's brings profit to the team or make effort is a great signing

Good read. I don't have a particular idol when it comes to NBA but I watch occasionally. It's always better to be updated :)

Verry good

Very good your post brother, although I think that these people live for the world of farandulas and most likely is going away since as you mention there are many stars in a single team and a very common case was with messi and neimar where he left and he has been relatively personal but they are still to emerge in this sport industry, I congratulate you and you remain excellent post.

OAKLAND — About 30 minutes after Game 7 of the 2016 Finals, Warriors forward Draymond Green sat at his locker in full uniform, fiddling with his phone. All around him, teammates hastily showered and dressed, rushing from Oracle Arena and the champagne fumes that polluted the air. But Green was in no hurry to leave. He replayed in his mind the climactic moments of a weeklong collapse against Cleveland: the chase-down block by LeBron James on Andre Iguodala, the clanked three-pointer by Steph Curry over Kevin Love, the mysterious cold front that froze Golden State’s usually reliable flamethrowers. How, Green wondered, can I make sure this never happens again?

He could start a group chat, or plan a Hawaiian retreat, or sleep in the gym every night from June to October. But grand gestures guarantee nothing against James. “What will get us over this hump,” Green asked himself, “and make us incredible? Not just incredible for a year. What will make us incredible for a long, long time?” Rather than what, the question was who. Green believed the Warriors needed a player to take stress off Curry, so he wouldn’t always have to hit the 35-footer, and apply it to James, so he would never again be able to hide on Harrison Barnes, freelancing for blocks and steals. Only one such person who walks the earth was available.

And so, at that locker, in that uniform, less than an hour after the most excruciating loss of his life, Green punched up Kevin Durant’s number. “See what we’re missing,” Green says, recounting the text message he sent Durant. “We need you. Make it happen.” Green had been courting Durant for months, but this was his strongest pitch yet, delivered at the most dramatic juncture. “Right after you lose Game 7,” Green says, “shows you’re serious.” Of course the Warriors did not need Durant, not really. They had gone 73–9 without him. But Green would leave nothing to chance. Neither, it turned out, would Durant.

interesting sports writing, didn't know joe lacob was such a connected venture capitalist and sharing the wealth with warrior players. There is something really raw and cool about that. What were some of the companies his venture capitalist firm hit big on?

Inu is one of the best information, hopefully the future of sports basketball is more advanced especially the NBA

With a meeting on basketball in every game that continues to uphold sportsmanship, the NBA continues to advance!

Greetings Sports Basketball remains victorious

I respect the Warriors and what they have done but sorry @donkeypong I just do not have the same favorable attitude towards your man, Lacob. You say Ellison is a jerk...well then what the hell does that make Lacob ??

The fact is he said just a few seasons ago that his Organization was miles ahead of everyone else. Just in a very arrogant better than thou attitude. And with only 1 Championship to his name.

Here is a fact so listen close @donkeykong, my Spurs have been the top beacon of NBA organizations for well over two decades now.

Sorry, that's just a fact. It's NOT up for debate.

The Warriors have won a total of three in 40 years.

That hardly makes Lacob some kind of genius leader ( with 2) of an NBA team. I would suggest you get a few more championships under your belt before you start tooting your horn about your owner.

And here is another issue I have with your Warriors. The biggest tarnish that will remain over the Warriors legacy is they got Durant who was a Superstar in his own right to join 3 other Superstars.

That's hardly the moniker of a Team who altruistically got to the level they will get to ( as they will secure many championships in the next decade)

It just rinks of overloading of Superstars to one team.

The fact is the Dubs didn't need to get Durant to get 5 more Championships. More than likely they would have gotten it with just Step. Klay, and Green. It would have been challenging and but made it funner for NBA fans to watch.

Like I say it's just a "contrived" team that people will say enticed another high horse gunslinger ( Durant) to make it a very uneven, unfair 'gun fight' in the NBA.

You know that, I know that, and everyone else who watches the NBA knows that.
When Steph returns in 3 weeks it will be a boring playoffs with the Dubs cake walking through it all.

I'll take a pass

P.S. My advice to you pong is call me in 20 years and then we will talk about your Dubs and Lacob's legacy and accomplishments. Until then all your talk is just that....talk. And to be cocky over 3 Championships in 40 years is a little bit premature and somewhat arrogant !!

It is a first step for super stars to make big investments of their money for a bright future. This is my personal opinion @donkeypong. Your success greetings from indoseia 😊🙏

this is a very good information, but the players knows that are safes and secure or at riks his investments?

immediately after successfully posting my first steem/NBA post on steemit, this post caught my eye. @donkeypong i love how you took to details to inform us with whats happening beyond the courts in basketball. I feel a huge affiliation to this post, partly because i'm a warriors fan. but i'm also a started-from-nothing-to-something success story fan. Great work mate.