Neymar heard the scream of PSG supporters throughout the match

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Neymar heard the scream of PSG supporters throughout the match

The Brazilian superstar Neymar, who once came to PSG from Barcelona, ​​was an eyesore. But now he is the poison of PSG supporters! Supporters have been plagued by his comeback drama in Barcelona.

Neymar's journey to Barca is not going away as the summer squad is over. So you have to play for PSG. Last time in the current season of League One yesterday, the whole time was spent listening to the noise and screams of the two!

Neymar was on the field for PSG against Strasbourg yesterday, 120 days after sitting in several matches on the sidebench. It's been a long time in 120 days. Neymar has done everything he can to get to Barcelona. Whether PSG's dishonored or not, Neymar didn't care. Despite all this, I did not go to Barsa. The disgrace of the European Football Club means that the blood of supporters is bleeding. No matter how big of a footballer you are, supporters of the club will not accept dishonor.

That's why in yesterday's match PSG supporters took to the field by writing abusive banners in inappropriate language. Whenever the ball was going to Neymar's leg during the match, the audience gave both, shouting and screaming. Neymar really had nothing to do. Silently all heard. However, at the last minute of the match, Bike K gave his eyes to the target. PSG got the win in the very last minute. Their supporters are also calm. However, there is more to say than ever that Neymar should hear these scandals.

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