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Such is Shakib Al Hasan Do not go out of the sun, and do not get frustrated again. On the day when failure is heavy, Shakib tried to be more laughing at that day. As the time of the end of the finale to explain the defeat of the smiling face. It is possible to be mentally strong!

How can Shakib? Bangladesh T-Twenty captain laughs, 'What should I do? Now have the guts to cry? Can have emotions You can not change the situation that has gone. If we get a chance again, then we can do something about learning from here. We lost many close matches, I lost five finals. All were close. The 2012 Asia Cup final went much closer. It's more close. All right, I'm moving ... we are moving forward. '

Shakib's press conference was a little interrupted Fireworks fountains in the sky The music of the festival is playing. All are for the champion team. Only in the dressing room of the poisonous poison of Bangladesh. But how much? How many approaching Bangladesh will suffer the defeat? And how many shifts will you sink? Not less than that! The final of the 2009 triangular series, the Asia Cup final in 2012, the Nidhaus Trophy of the year 2015 ... everyone was Shakib. Why Bangladesh can not win the final? Why can not win nerves? Shakib's counter-question, do not get along with nerves, or luck, due to which Bangladesh can not overcome? Bangladesh captain looking for the answer himself, 'I do not know whether it is nervousness, or luck! Need 9 runs in 1 overs, not too much If you need 5 runs in the end, the bowlers will win most. Bowlers will defend against 10 times in 10 times. Not today Do not say nerves, bowlers did not do badly. The batsmen have played better. '

'Hard Cock Captain' -At the way back to the dressing room someone said Shakib The face of the captain comes down to the dark again. Nevertheless do not want to understand, how intense his inner burning is.

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