Mushfiq on fire

4년 전

The two batsmen may have been attacked in such a way that it was not known that he came to Colombo on March 7, after returning to the country after four-day tour

Nazmul Hassan watched the match against India at the field. He is very disappointed in how the Mahmudullah lost in the first match of the Nidhaas Trophy. But seeing the great victory of Bangladesh against Sri Lanka, As happy, it was astonished Mushfiq-Liton batting!
Nazmul came to Colombo on 7 March. At the end of the four-day tour back today. Before leaving Colombo, Nazmul said, "The way Tomorrow smashes Mushfiqit-Liton, he is very surprised," Tamim-Soumya can kill that. Liton could not know how to kill. Mushfiqi? I told him tomorrow, you can kill that, I did not know! I have seen the last two years, he was caught in the boundary when he hit six! May kill them. But he is not the sixth player! Three of us in the team - Tamim, Soumya and Sabbir Shabbir is not in rhythm. '
Do you remember the match against the West Indies at Mirpur in October 2011? 6 runs in 6 balls with the help of Mushfiq hit six sixes. Mushfiq, who scored 289 runs in India's one-day match in the one-day match in March 2012, hit a solid equation with three sixes in seven balls in his nerves. It is known to kill Mushfiq, it is known to all. Liton Das's storm may be a bit new. Stroke can be arranged in the pose, it is regularly seen in domestic cricket. It shows the time in international T-Twenty.
The BCB president said, "Liton has played the way of yesterday, changed the tone of the whole match. The pressure on Tamim has dropped. Tamim got killed and kept mildly. Mushfiqi came, started to beat Soumya. This is the plan that was to be seen. '
Sabbir Rahman, who has been run out of the past, is very annoyed, Nazmul said, 'He did not even give a dive. Who said to take him single that time? Yesterday I told him in front of all, there was not sent to take a single. Mirwaiz (he's been named after Sabbir) is not the sixth player. Sent you sixs to hit You have to kill, why did you block? Either way, no, no! If you win it can not be said more!

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