Mustafiz in Mumbai

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Mumbai Indians are showing interest in Mustafizur Rahman
• Mostafiz has spoken of himself in Bengal on the video of Mumbai
• On Facebook, Mumbai has said that they want Mustafiz to teach Hindi

Mumbai Indians are better off with Mustafizur Rahman On the official Facebook page, the current IPL champions are regularly reporting left-handed pacer. Today, they publish a video about Mustafiz.

The franchise has written a fun titled 'The Phiz has arrived', 'There is good news for you.' Here the word 'good news' is written in two letters Bhalo Khobor. The video shows, Mostafiz has reached Mumbai from Dhaka, has been 'checked in' at the airport. Mostafiz, in English, said, 'First Year, New Team', in Bengal, he said, 'It feels great,' It feels very good. Hopefully, this good luck will take you further. "After checking the hotel in the hotel, after understanding the key to the room, smile on her face, as if she is not in the country, she is in the country!
Mostafiz, who played very well for the 2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad, in IPL. Team management and captain David Warner had gained confidence. Warner was so fascinated by Mustafiz, the Australian opener expressed his desire to learn Bengali for left-handed paceman. The Mumbai Indians, who have an interest in the Bengali language for Mustafiz, know their video. But they are looking for alternative ways, 'Let's teach a little Hindi to the Bangladeshi star, what is it to teach?'
Seeing the emoji of eye tip, it is understood by joking. Mostafiz can learn Hindi or not, he can say goodbye. But the team management is more intimate with him, has taken off the Mumbai franchise from Bangladesh, Nafis Iqbal, Here, Mumbai coach Mahela Jayawardene has a role as well. Jayawardene was the coach of Khulna Titans and Nafis was the manager of the team in the BPL.
Habibul Bashar, technical director of Khulna Titans, joined Nafis in Mumbai, saying, "Mahela (Jayawardene) has taken Nafis. Can you say to take help of Mustafiz's linguistic assistance? Managing the team will also be better learned. "Mumbai Indians jersey afterwards Nafis posted a photo on Facebook," Work and experience are just beginning. "
Mustafiz has no shortage of effort to get the best Last memory of the gray memory to colorful Mustafiz!
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