The bowling fun continues and gets sillier


Thursday has become my favorite day of the week. I don't have traditional weekends as I work on individual projects that are irrespective of the days of the week. Therefore, I don't have the same "looking forward to the weekend" like most people do. However, there is one day of the week that I wont allow any employer to mess with, at least not for 3 hours between 11am to 2pm on every Thursday.

It's called the DUMBO league


Partially, the name of our league was inspired by this air-hockey table that is in the arcade at our local lanes at Lotte Mart and partially it was inspired by the fact that almost all of the members of our league are a bunch of fun-loving and silly wiseacres.

DUMBO stands for "DaNang Unadvertised Maniac's Bowling Organization" or something along those lines, the name seems to change depending on which member of the league you are talking to.

It all began with 3 of us going bowling for the hell of it, but it has turned into us nearly taking over the entirety of the lanes when we bring our group in.


This week we had our biggest turnout yet with a grand total of 16 people coming in for our little bowling party. There are only 12 lanes here and out of those 12 there are a couple that are right next to some distracting support beams that we refuse to use unless we absolutely must. Because of this and the fact that we had many more attendees than we had expected. We had to use one of the lanes on the "other side" that we had never used before. I didn't want to assign anyone to it just so they wouldn't think I was trying to shaft anyone over the fact that I am kind of the leader of this group, so I played on it myself with one other person.

You can also see the distracting support beams that I was referring to earlier

This was the first time in my life that I have actually ever seen the lane "Zamboni" in action before. I bowl with a "hook" so the absence of this oil can really screw my game up. I had assumed that this was a time consuming process but it actually only took a few minutes and I have to say I am impressed!


Everyone except for the person that needed to do so the most did pretty well this past week and I say that because he was the reigning, defending, undisputed champion of the world (in DaNang in our little group.) Each week the champion defends the WWE belt that is shown on the DUMBO table in the first picture and he must only defend it against one randomly selected opponent. All money was on the current champion who is nicknamed "Killer" because his average was 30 points above his opponent. I don't know what happened to "Killer" but he was completely off of his game and his reign came to an end after 4 consecutive weeks of title defense.

His opponent who is nicknamed "WMD" beat him in the first game by 26 points which means in the second game "Killer" needed to not only win the round, but he had to win it by 27 points.

He did not win the second game either. I suppose all empires must eventually fall. "WMD" doesn't actually live in DaNang, so the rules say that he must vacate the belt next week if he can't make it.

The overall medal of top score of all time is still retained by "Bubba" who has the top score of 178, which he captured just a week ago topping the score of "Richie"'s previous record of 175. I know these are not fantastic scores but honestly, if someone were to come along and bowl something like this as an average they probably wouldn't be invited back or to not hurt their feeling we would suggest they start their own league or stay out of contention in ours. All of us are between 100-130 average bowlers and we aren't really looking for anyone to join that is well above this because it wouldn't be very much fun.

The tag team belts were lost this week in a game that came down to the wire and was won by a mere 1 pin. The tag team belts are far more difficult to maintain because unlike the regular championship these belts are defended against everyone at once.

The current holder of the "gobbler" (3 strikes in a row) is still in the hands of "Kril"

So basically the DUMBO league takes over the entire bowling alley for 3 games every Thursday and since bowling doesn't appear to be terribly popular in DaNang I am sure the owners and management are quite pleased that we do so.

If anyone happens to be in the DaNang area all newcomers are welcome - unless of course you are really good at bowling. So come along!

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