Cricket problem in Bangladesh

3년 전
Bangladesh's biggest problem is number 3 position!

Most of the countries around the world play their best batsmen in this position.
See how Kohli plays at number 3 in India.

Kohli in india

Steven Smith in Australia

Kane Williamson in New Zealand

Joe Root in England

And we are going to continue the experiment with this position!
Sometimes Sabbir, sometimes Mahmudullah, sometimes Kayes, sometimes Soymo and now Shakib.

But the most interesting thing is that all the best batsmen in this position right handed!
In my opinion, the batsman can rotate and Musi is the best bet in the batsmen.
That's why I want to see Mushfiqur Rahim in this position.

Mushfiqur Rahim in Bangladesh

I think this position should be done separately or not. As long as we can not find a suitable batsman in this position, our batting will be weakened!

Advanced thanks. You guys are so helpful for newbie.😍😍



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