The Russian Football World Cup semifinals "France-Belgium"

3년 전

The Russian Football World Cup has entered into last week. Today, from 21.00 AM, in a dream landscape, on the Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg we could see the first semifinal between France and Belgium.


The French team has passed previously from Uruguay, widowed by the presence of the superstar Cavani, with a score of 2-0. Belgium has been the winner after a big surprise, defeating Brazil 2-1. The Belgians have a very strong team, moreover in staff is Thierry Henry. He has won the title of European and world champion with France as a player and now serves professional the national Belgian team.

The game is announced to be extremely exciting from all sides. I was also talking about the landscape, the island stadium being set right on the cost of the Gulf of Finland.


Who's gonna win? My guess 1-1 final score and Belgium will play the final!

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I agree with you.
Belgium will play the final.


We will see tonight! Enjoy the match!

The result will be 2-1 for Belgium


certainly will be a very good match! Enjoy!

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