8 Sports, 1 Accumulator - With chance of winning over $600

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I have seen many posts with Accumulators as well as sites that have accumulators aimed at earning thousands and even millions of a single stake. I have decided to also start trying my luck at some accumulators again with the hopes of making some profit.

My Take on Accumulators
I think accumulators in sports betting can be fun but even better when done right - Profitable! I personally feel that placing an accumulators of say 20 or 30 legs on the same sport on one day is pointless. What are the chance you pick 30 correct bets and that all 30 teams perform well. You might choose favourites like Juventus but they have an off day and this throws away the entire Accumulator. Thus, I prefer to differentiate my picks as follows:

  1. Either over a number of days such as a weekend; or
  2. With different sports

By doing this, you essentially just improve your chances of winning. Picking all the soccer favourites and one day and one doesn’t perform is a loss. But choosing the favourites in 1 sport across a range of sports can be better suited to improve your chances. That being said you need some knowledge around the sport before betting.

My First $1 Accumulator

1MIL Brewers vs. LA DodgersBaseballOver 2 hits (1st Innings)2,5
2ORL Magic vs. TOR RaptorsBasketballTOR Raptors -8,52,4
3Man City vs. TottenhamSoccerTottenham +0,5 (1st half)2,150
4DAL Stars vs. NAS PredatorsIce HockeyNAS Predators -1,53,05
5Rajasthan Royals vs. Mumbai IndiansCricketRajasthan Royals Win2,2
6Highlanders vs. BluesRugby UnionHighlanders -31,9
7Jay Clarke vs. Goncalo OlivieraTennisJay Clarke Win1,72
8TNK Kazchrome vs. EST ColaVolleyballEST Cola Win2,25
Total odds642,21
Potential Winnings$643,21
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Good luck mate! My first attempt was a loser! Onwards and hopefully upwards!


Mine also lost but I am quite impressed with 5/8 for a first attempt. I’ll be keeping up with your posts too and hope you get some big wins soon!