Go Sounds!

7개월 전

I'm ready for minor league baseball.
I'm ready for major league baseball too, but as far as my favorite quick run into town for live sports goes, it's Nashville Sounds Triple A baseball, currently affiliated with the Texas Rangers, and while I am not necessarily a Rangers fan historically, but I do dig the Sounds. And currently the stadium sits empty. Hopefully the stadium employees are doing okay. There is now talk of baseball starting up in July. Let's hope all is well enough for that here in the states.


Franklin Barreto signed this ball for me after a game between the Sounds (then affiliated with the A's) and the New Orleans Baby Cakes (who became the Wichita Wind Surge this off-season, the whole time within the Miami Marlins organization).

He seemed like a nice guy.
Now he is on the A's active roster.
Power to him.
And power to the Sounds.
And to all of baseball this summer... soon enough.

Be well.
(words and image are original.)

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