What could be the unbeaten XI?

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If there is no Shakib, the eleventh is changed completely !! A powerful all-rounder who is very capable in both batting but he took it from the New Zealand tour. It was a good fight for Shakib, because everyone else was fit but I did not think that I can still win, but it will be a little harder! Tamim-Liton will open it, because Shakib does not play in all three matches, and Mushfiq, Mushfiq and Tamim will play in all four matches, one of them can be scored, and then the batsmen will be easy to run, and now the problem is going to be Who will play in the number five? Many say Mithun is there Yes Mithun played well in five but Butt should remember Shakib but there is no 5 May No bowler will have to keep that 300+ target by the bowler, no matter the timing of the timer will be lost if the match has been lost. So I will ask Mahmudullah five and the six who will be in the six Sabbir, who will be around it but then Saifuddin Good Choice! Bowling can be a lot more than batting and it's fair! He should work a bit more on his batting, then Miraj / Nayeem will play on the play, Miraz is better than he! And 9,10,11 certainly Mithun, who will be given a chance, Butt, I do not think there is a risk to the 4 bowlers when your teammates can beat them and it will be difficult to get out of the match! If you play with this eleven, then batting plus bowling India look good if they are in the all-rounder's compound before the 5 bowlers take it and if they take six batsmen, then Maine will take 5 bowlers before the ball, and that's exactly what they did. Inapha yatasamyana E!
Now, see how the eleven eleven sets up Bangladesh Butt in my opinion, this is the best team except Shakib and New Zealand conditions!

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