Proposal on sport ground / unique proposal / popularity trick

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Yesterday india was playing with england at Lords . Its kuldeep yadav over on the field.......But what is this .On the big screen of the ground it is not yadav ... On the screen a boy proposing to a girl and the girl accepted the proposal. Now these days it became a trend proposing in a cricket match stand... When india tour of south africa ,two couple had also done this before... I think this is nice method to be popular . You all give your comment about this type of proposal_20180715_075621.JPG

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*As I understand it she said "yes".

I do think that it puts a lot of pressure on the girl to agree with so many people around the world watching. Hopefully they are a genuine couple and will have a happy life together*

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Yes i also feel that .... That was a film which they both have been reharsel before