5 million peoples were recovered from the city of Madrice - Rakitics.

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Croatia, for the first time in the World Cup final, could not win. France have to be satisfied with the runners up, they have to be satisfied. But the World Cup did not win but returned to the country as well as the heroes like the Madrice-Rakitics.


Croatia independent state.

Croatia is not much as an independent state. 27 years ago in 1991, the country emanated from Yugoslavia as an independent state. But in the seven years of independence, they had reached the semifinals for playing the World Cup for the first time. In 1998, Luca Rodriguez, Luca Rodriguez, was the best player in the World Cup. Although the dream of becoming the world champion grew, but in the final, they had to lose to France. But so, the krautas do not carry the face. After returning home, the people of Croatia have congratulated their footballers a lot. The country's population is only 45 millions. But yesterday there were five millions people at Zagreb airport.


The capital Zagreb became the festival city. Players wearing jerseys on the rooftop bus were also involved in the festival. As usual, the leader of the team and Russia are the best player of the World Cup, the Madrice. In general, the best festivities in history have come from the time the Croatian people.
The hero of the hero of the Medrice has differentiated football in Croatia. Who knows, that day is not too far away and the day the people of Croatia will live in the festivities of the world.

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