Last Minute Goal Saved Chelsea || Manu were the better side at Stamford Bridge ||

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The last minute goal from Barkley denied Manchester 3 points at Stamford Bridge but this doesn't mean that Chelsea were the the better team but Manchester played their best football. Aso soon as the match started Manu were under pressure as they were playing away from home and their last few matches have not been good except their win against New Castle.

Source: Daily star

Chelsea were on the top as they completely denied Lukaku with the ball and kept the possession most of the time. The also got lead when Antonio Rodiger headed the ball into the nets from corner delivered by Willian. Chelsea dominated the first half completely and everyone knew that it would be Chelsea's game. But then game changed drastically in the second half as Manchester started aggressively. Alviro Morata wasted a simple chance very early in the second half.

Source: Indian Express

After that Manchester somehow remembered their win against Newcastle and started keeping possession and playing aggressively. Soon Martial scored a brilliant goal and scores were levelled. After that Manchester kept the pressure on the home side by keeping possession and playing as if they had nothing to lose. Chelsea became over cautious which allowed Martial to again escape through the defence as he scored his second goal which meant Manchester were ahead now by 2-1 and Chelsea players were in shock.

But then again Mourinho went on to his old mindset of defending as he introduced Herrera, Sanchez and Pereira to boost defend. Due to this Chelsea got the chance they were looking for and started attacking. Finally the visitors were left scratching their head when Barkley scored in the last gasp and levelled the score 2-2. Manchester should have been little attacking so that Chelsea could not have got that chance but Manu believed that they can easily defend but this could not happen.

Source: Mirror

After the match Mourinho said that he didn't know how extra time became six minutes because whenever he is losing he never gets this much time. Also he lost his cool after Barkley scored the goal just seconds before finishing of the match and Sarrie's second assistant coach Marco lanni started celebrating in front of him. Mourinho didn't liked it and started to run behind him before security personal took control and finished the matter.

Source: getty images

No doubt Manchester were the better side as they were playing away from home and that too against the top team. But they were punished because of their slow ending and not going for the kill. These three points were very important for Manu as they are still very far from top four. I hope they continue their good game against Juventus who will be travelling to Old Trafford this week for their Champions league match.

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