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Join SCORUM the trending blogging platform for Sports.

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Today in this post I will tell you everything about Scorum, the new sports blogging platform. So Please read the post till the end because here is the opportunity to turn your passion into reality.

First of all I would like to tell you that Scorum is more or less similar to Steemit with little bit changes in the format but if you love blogging and reading then Scorum is for you and it is the right time to join the Scorum platform as in coming future it will become one of the greatest platforms for sports news and views.

One of the major difference between Scorum and steemit is that Scorum is a sports-oriented platform while steemit is open for all topics but since Scorum concentrates on only sports, it does provide to the point news and really good writers who have good knowledge about their field.

Let's begin with Scorum:


  1. Signup: It is as easy as it can be. Just open and sign up with your username and it can be any name and then have a password for the same. When you sign up you will get 5 Sp and 100 percent voting power. To understand this better let me tell you that there are three basic valuable things in Scorum, first is SCR i.e Scorum coins which you can convert to real money, second is SP which you earn while writing blogs and commenting on others post and this can be converted to SCR and the third one is Vp which is your voting power. When you vote any post 5 percent of your voting power gets reduced from the total and then it again starts to refill with time. So it is necessary to vote only good and valuable post as we do in steemit also.

  2. Start Exploring: As soon as you sign up on Scorum you will see all kinds of postthe s related of sports then from the top menu bar you can select the sport you want to explore and click on that. Once you select any sport you will find post from all over the world where people expressed their views about any event or any particular match or any player. You can read any post you want and if you like that post you can vote it and also if you feel that you like the work of any particular writer than you can follow him as well.


  1. Start Posting: To start posting your post is very simple in Scorum. You just need to click on your profile picture and there you will see a option called write a post. Just click on that and a blank sheet will open where you can give a title and start writing about your topic. You can insert pictures to make your post more interesting and it also makes your post reach more people as it attracts people and it shows that how good you know about the topic. Once you finish writing your post then you need to publish it and for that you need to click on Publish button and select a sports category in which you want to publish it like if you have written about cricket than you need to select cricket as the category and also you need to insert 5 keywords as you do on steemit which till place your post in the reading zone where you want it to be.


  1. Start Interacting: The day you signup the most important thing that you will have to do is to interact with the writers. You will have to show people that you are liking their work by commenting and voting. The best part which Scorum has while steemit doesn't is that Scorum gives you notifications whenever any user votes you or comments or follows you. So, it gives you an idea who all are following and liking your work. The more you interact more is the chances you increasing your followers and you will get an appreciation of your work by your followers.


  1. Start Earning: On scorum the only way to earn is by interacting with people and writing good posts. But unlike steemit here procuredure for conversion of SP to SCR takes time. You can convert you Sp to SCR by going in your wallet and choosing the option to convert. It takes 52 weeks to convert whatever amount of SP you want to convert to SCR. For example if you want to convert 100 SP to SCR than it will take 52 weeks to convert it. But this will hopefully change in future as this platform start growing. But since it is a new platform it is the best time to join as till the time it gets established you can move ahead of other users who will be joining late.


Also it has various groups and communities which you can join for all the updates and contest so that you can get all the information about scorum. Another way to earn is by participating in different contest those are organised oorganizedwhich can give you Scorum Coins on winning.

Links of groups and communities are below you can join the groups for all the updates.

For deailed post you can read below post:

You can write your comments and questions below.

Thankyou for your time.

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