Tale of Friendship || Pakistan Funded India for Flight and Hotel || SPREAD THIS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN

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You must be thinking what kind of news or statement it is! Is it a joke? Well, it is true and you will be amazed to read this article and feel proud of the scenario.

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image source: Freepress Journal

It is the story of two Men who are declared biggest fan and supporter of team India and Pakistan. Sudhir Gautam who is the biggest Sachin Tendulkar and India team fan who travels to watch and support each and every match of India with tri-color painted on his whole body and also he has India flag on his head. But this time when India reached UAE for participating in Asia Cup, Sudhir was not there and he had lost all the hopes of watching India play against Pakistan because of the financial crisis. He is the most recognizable cricket fan in the entire nation and travels everywhere to support the men in blue. But it was a different scenario this time as he didn't have sufficient fund for stay and flight tickets for traveling to UAE.

Sudhir was very much in pain because he was not able to manage his trip and support his team. Also, he was in pain because after a long time India was about to play with their arch-rival Pakistan and he wanted to be there for this match. When everything was looking dark and Sudhir lost all the hopes, he received a call from Chacha Chicago. He is the biggest Pakistan fan in a similar way Sudhir is for India. Even Chacha travels all part of the world to support his team with Pakistan Flag and his green attire. SO, Chacha wanted to enquire his India counterpart about his plans for Asia Cup.

When Sudhir explained to him the entire scenario you won't believe what happened next. As soon as Chacha came to know that Sudhir has some financial crisis due to which he won't travel to UAE, he immediately offered to help his friend with flight tickets and accommodation expenses. After listening this Sudhir was overjoyed and thankful to Chacha.

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image: The better India

When asked about this Chacha Said, " It's pure love. You know the money will come and go with Allah's grace. I told Sudhir you just come here and I will take care of everything. I am not a rich person but my heart is as big as an ocean. If I help you, Allah will be happy." This is what Chacha told www.xtratime.in from the UAE.

Sudhir managed Visa and Chacha handled the tickets just for him to cheer for Team India. Chachaji also took care of everything including the hotel and his food. This is the most beautiful feeling and this friendship will be remembered forever. Whenever we hear about India and Pakistan we only think about rivalry but this is a perfect example of true friendship.

image source: ScoopWhoop

India and Pakistan have not played any bilateral series since 2012-13 due to the tension between both the countries emerged because of terrorism. But this tale of friendship has crossed all the borders and proved that true friendship can defeat any hatred.


These people devote their whole life to the nation in supporting them wherever they play but still board does not pay attention towards them financially. I feel the board should sponsor them for all the trips because they are the real supporters who support their respective team with whatever they have. What do you feel? Should the board sponsor them or they should travel on their own expenses? Please comment in with your opinion because I really want to know.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chacha on behalf of the entire nation for his gesture and support. He has proved that he has a golden heart and if you have the right intention in your mind you can win the world. I hope my article reaches him somehow because he has made whole Pakistan and India proud with this gesture.


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This is the real humanity and true love for the game. This is heart-touching.


Exactly..its just wonderful to hear this news.

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It is good to see... humanity of chacha...hats off to you.