United turned Cristiano Ronaldo into a team player, forcing him "to do things he did not want to"

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Mike Phelan is one of Manchester United's 'trusted men'. He served as Ferguson's assistant and returned to office with Solskjaer. Learn about the house and many of Old Trafford's best-kept secrets. Some of the most interesting, unveiled to 'The Coaching Manual', belong to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Phelan tried to explain the 'metamorphosis' suffered by the now Juventus player since his arrival at Sporting CP: "He quickly stood out, he was like a sponge. He always wanted more and he challenged you."

The most difficult thing, however, was getting him out of his 'individualism': "We had to try to make Cristiano a team player and we succeeded. There were certain things he did not like to do in training and we forced him."

Source: https://www.marca.com/futbol/liga-italiana/2020/04/11/5e91756a268e3ef4178b4573.html

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