My Workout System : 30 Minutes Or Less

2년 전

My last post was about my idea to inaugurate myself as a fitness trainer! Well I’m not finished losing extra pounds but I’m working hard in this process. This blog is about my workout system that I use to get results.


What I do is use this process called “body confusion” I don’t need weights or anything but a mat or thick carpet! Body confusion takes a few days to start kicking in but you’ll start to feel it & it’s the greatest feeling ever like your fully charging but your body feels weird (which means that it’s working) and your body burns. It’s science of physical fitness and it can help you lose weight and/or intensify your workout results in due time. Give yourself 30 mins what really matters is getting the burn from different muscle groups everyday & staying repetitive with your workout 🏋️‍♂️!! Give it about 4 to 6 days a week and through the end of the week if you’re sore or get busy you can lighten up on yourself & still see results!!

I want to share with y’all my experience so far using this system. My weight was at 290 when I started going to this gym in my town it’s called “Ripped Fitness” this guy from Pakistan tought me how to use body confusion. 3 or months went by and my weight dropped to 244 pounds I used to wear 46 jeans & 3X shirts I was way bigger then I am now. At that time I was working with my mom we had a restaurant but it closed so I stopped going to the gym. For a while I had gotten lazy with working out then I got back into it but I’ve been doing all my workouts at home.

Lately I’ve been on the home workout app but I would recommend doing 3 sets, 3 exercises, & 21 reps. Slowly build up your weight load it doesn’t matter if you could only lift a 5 ib/2.26kg dumb bell as long as you use body confusion you’ll see results. One day work your chest & triceps, then switch up to your core and abdominal muscle groups, arms, legs, shoulders & back! Most important part of this workout is all up to you and that is repetitiveness YOU HAVE TO KEEP DOING THE WORKOUT!! You could take like a week couch 🛋 vacation and if you do slip up you can get some results back but it’s best to stick with the repetitive workouts slowly moving up your weight mass you use.

I wish you all the best health and life decisions I would love to travel & work out with any of you good people out there! We can set up a class in your own home or hit the gym whatever works best for you!! Remember to stay up on yourself your the only one who will!!

Listen to my instrumentals on Choon & SoundCloud I got some new music coming out sometime this year or the next no rush you just can’t rush perfection!


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