Julio Iglesias played for Real Madrid 1st Team

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The very successful singer Julio Iglesias, father of Enrique Iglesias, played in the lower categories of Real Madrid as a Goalkeeper, is hard to believe but it is true, also, he debuted for the first team with only 19 years. Playing with players like Hernandez, Luis Costa and Ramon Moreno Grosso. He was very talented and had very good physical conditions.Julio-Iglesias-Historias-del-Real-Madrid.jpg
The day before his 20th birthday (he was born on September 23, 1943),he had a traffic accident in Majadahonda, unfortunately, the consequence was that he was almost paralyzed for a year and a half.
He had to say goodbye to soccer, but, during his stay at the hospital, his nurse Eladio Madaleno, gave him a guitar, as therapy to exercise his fingers and as a way to keep him entertained. In the hospital he wrote “La vida sigue igual”, one of his most legendary themes, inspired by his life in the medical center. This is how his passion for music was forged, which ended up making him one of the most important singers in history. A passion that took him from the deepest hole, from the most traumatic experience of his life.
When Julio recovered he left Spain to study english in England, and to earn some money he began to sing and play guitar in english pubs, the hit songs of the moment. A recording of those improvised shows today would be worth millions.
Back in Spain, he decides to go to a record company to offer one of the songs he had composed in the hospital, with the intention that some singer of the firm will sing it. Then, the manager, after listening to the recording made by Julio with a simple tape recorder, asked him: "And why do not you sing it?". And Julio at first answered: "Because I'm not a singer".
Today he is the artist who has sold more albums in more languages in the world. Only 9 singers in the history surpass the 300 million discs that Julio has sold, which makes him the ninth fortune of Spain, admired by great fashionable marks.
As for the Real Madrid, he remembers the team like a second place to him, and he is still a fan.
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