Almost nothing in my sports feed is even about sports

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It's getting a bit out of control, this social justice stuff. I'm not saying that none of it is important but when I open my various news aggregate websites there are almost no stories about actual sports. Everything is "here's how we can remove racism from (insert whatever here.)" or talking about how this athlete thinks that Don Lemon's comments about Jesus were inappropriate.

Who gives a shit?


We got stories about how the F-1 drivers all wore their "End Racism" shirts but 6 of the drivers didn't kneel during something that is supposed to acknowledge this made up racism in sports where minorities are incredibly over-represented (based on population numbers) and paid millions of dollars in return.

Instead of hearing about the absolutely incredible UFC event over the weekend, which other than the boring as hell Main Event might have been the best Pay Per View of 2020 thus far.


They should be talking about how Max Holloway was robbed of a decision by bad judges giving the bout to Volkanowski, a man that Max basically dominated for 3.5 rounds and then Max decided to take it easy on him because he had the match locked down. Or they could talk about the same topic and use this as evidence that you should "never leave it up to the judges." We could talk about how Rose looks like she is ready for a title shot or even how she convincingly won her bout despite looking like she lost or how she seems to be a really sweet person when she was plugging a cancer charity even though her nose is clearly broken and one of her eyes was swelling shut.


But instead we are talking for the 10th day in a row about how the Washington Redskins are going to change their team name after continued pressure to do so. We are talking about how the Indians and Braves are likely next as we strive to make our sports as PC as possible. We are talking about how Charles Barkley is saying (I think correctly) that the entire social justice movement in sports has become a virtue signalling circus (I agree with him) and how it isn't fun to be a commentator anymore because you have to be so careful about what you say in order to not offend anyone.

Basically, these SJW's are ruining sports, and it is starting with the news on sports. There is so much revamping of the industry and focusing on fake racism that we aren't even talking about the actual sports. You are over saturating the market with this crap and if you keep in up, nobody is going to care about actual racism when it actually happens.

I use sports as a way to relax. I use it as a way to escape from the vigors of my life and to de-stress a bit. The fact that the entire global industry has become some sort of soap box for virtue-signalling, politics, and social justice advertising is extremely upsetting and I hope they get it the hell out of here. We already have to listen to that bullshit in every single other aspect of our lives and now it is coming there too? GTFOH.

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these people will stop at nothing until all the fun in the world gets sucked out of it

it is a shame.... I feel as though ESPN even before corona hit was already starting to have a political feel to it and I stopped watching them because of it. Keep politics out of sports. I don't know why they continue to do it especially with this fiasco regarding how NBA players are going to be allowed to have political statements on their jerseys when the season starts back up. I hope there is a backlash to this.


yeah, it's all quite depressing to me that politics has to invade everything. It seems like UFC is the only sport out there where people aren't trying to put some sort of "movement" into everything they do. Perhaps it is banned by Dana White and that is a good thing in my mind.