Astros owner expresses interest in fans returning to games... media pounces

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The media... They are a lot of fun these days aren't they? In a news cycle that is filled with one sentence from the person in question and then 2,000 words from an angry journalist trying to make a name for themselves by putting words into said person's mouth, it is easy to want to slap every one of them.

Throw in a touch of Covid paranoia and a reporter than has a "beef" with whoever the person in question happens to be, and in the end you have an article that really doesn't have anything to do with what the person being scapegoated has said but everything to do with the author's biased opinion of that person.


In a move that will convince every owner or celebrity to simply say "no comment" anytime anyone asks them anything on the record. Houston Astros owner was asked about how he feels about the shortened MLB season and the fact that there is no clear path to how (or if) there will be fans allowed at games this season, or even if the season is going to happen at all.


Jim Crane is a billionaire and honestly doesn't need to talk to these people and likely will not do so in the future because when he was asked about how he feels about covid shutting down the season he replied

“The only thing we have that can counter that is to get some people into the building and sell some tickets and merchandise and some cold beer,or whatever they let us have.”

Does that seem like Crane is saying "I don't care about public health, f**k 'em, I need to make money!" It doesn't to me, but that is exactly what this reporter is trying to display to the public.

Here is a little bit o' information for the reporter who is doing her best to make try to make Jim look bad: Almost all baseball fans want to go back to the building and buy some tickets and some cold beer... or whatever they will let us have. While I am certain that Jim Crane is also interested in reviving one of his revenue streams his sentiment of wanting to get the games going again is something that a majority of sports fans are also feeling. We are willing to take the risk (especially those of us that realize that the risk is actually very very small) in order to be able to return to games. Just because you have a personal vendetta against him doesn't mean that he is trying to hurt people.

I say that the author has a personal vendetta because even though it has nothing to do with the story she is writing she referred to domestic abuse scandals involving an Assistant General Manager (who is not Jim Crane) and also talking about his failed marriages. WTF does any of this have to do with Covid?

The bottom line here is that what Jim Crane said is what every single baseball or sports team owner and most of the fans are thinking and I can't believe that these hit pieces done by jaded journalists (oh, she is from New York City by the way - no real surprise there also, most of her pieces have almost nothing to do with sports and everything to do with feminism, conservative bashing, and racism) are infiltrating sports as well.


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well the good news is that Astros fans are probably unlikely to be at all swayed towards their team despite this lady's best efforts. This is a non story if you ask me. Dude didn't say anything wrong.

I don't really care for baseball... find it really boring, especially on TV but the news turning everything into a partisan argument is not surprising. I wonder if this guy just happens to be a Trump supporter? I bet there is a chance that is the case!


responding to my own comment:P Just found out that Crane is a Democrat donor, so there goes that theory...

I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of baseball or really sports in a general sense but I can't really imagine this phasing the owner very much. I bet he doesn't even pay any attention to it. That being said, i did go see a few baseball games many years ago. It was a lot better when you are there watching it in person - the crowd totally makes the game more interesting.