Dr Fauci trading card is Topps best seller...ever

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In a move that shows that both corporations, sports fans, and the general public still have a sense of humor, the trading card company Topps has a new best selling card of all time and he isn't even a baseball player or something that knows how to throw a ball even.


If you haven't seen the pitch that this image and trading card is referencing go and find it on Youtube, i would place a link but they all keep getting taken down because the footage is property of Major League Baseball and those guys are dicks.

Topps Now specializes in making cards available online for special events in baseball (and I presume other sports) and normally the cards are only available for 24 hours in an effort to increase the value of each individual card. I don't know what their selection criteria is but normally they only feature actual players.

Fauci's card sold more than 50,000 units in 24 hours. This is much higher than any of the other cards that have ever sold.

rounding out the top 5 cards ever sold are as follows.

  1. Dr Fauci at over 51,512

  2. Vlad Guerrero Jr.’s first hit, 19,396

  3. Babe Ruth/Shohei Otani HR’s, 17,750

  4. Shohei Otani signs with Angels, 17,323

  5. Aaron Judge sets rookie HR record, 16,138

Topps was quite kind to Dr. Fauci in their photo, where someone who didn't see the pitch might presume that it was on target, which we all know it definitely was anything but that. They also never point out on the back of the card the horrible pitch, but instead refer to his pitch as a "strong effort to the plate."


I think that is about as kind a way of describing what happened as can be imagined. I would have written that the pitch was" hilariously off target" or that it "didn't resemble the throwing of anything." One could also say "I don't know if they asked Dr. Fauci to throw the ball as if he were a toddler, but that is what he did," Or maybe "quite possible the worst opening pitch of all opening pitches in the history of baseball."

I think it is better they took the high road. If you are one of the select few that got a hold of this card, I think you are sitting on something that could very well be worth some money in the future, and probably for all the wrong reasons.

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well it is kind of a sign of the times that a trolling trading card would be the best seller. It kind of says a lot about the world today.

trolling is fun, even on a corporate level, apparently.