A date with Death

2년 전

Last weekend I attempted the Tip Track Marathon again - 6 laps up and down one of the hardest, most notorious tracks in Wellington.


Last year I managed 3 laps before my body quit. How far would I get this year?

Check out the video to find out.

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Yeah I know.

I did a lot of hill training for this. But it just wasn't enough.

The hill is brutal on your legs and lungs. And the Hokas I was wearing didn't help. they are too big and wide for technical trail stuff, so my feet were being twisted on each step.

Next time I'll train on the ACTUAL hill and have better shoes. If there is a next time next year. There is another race on November - 100km that I want to do as well. So it will just depend on the dates.

Hats off to anybody that runs and especially on this terrain - I will not even make 100m

I think once up there would do me in and coming down might do my knees. Is anyone logging who reaches the top or do they not actually record who did what? Anyway, it looked like people were enjoying it.


This is a very unofficial race because it is just such a stupid thing to be doing.

It's just organised through Facebook and you turn up and do however many laps you can. Then we all go down to the local pub afterwards and complain about how sore we are ;-)

It's one of those weird things about running in Wellington - it's all hills and because it is such a crazy thing to do, no-one takes it really seriously. There is no entry fee, no medals or t-shirts, no prize money - although I got a six-pack of beer for doing the video ;-)

And everyone is super supportive. it's a good, hard, fun day out.

How is your Dad going, mate? Haven't heard from him in a while.