How’s that for a milestone?

2년 전

It’s taken a while – just over one year and a month, but I finally clocked up 2500kms in my road shoes. That’s a pretty good milestone I think.

Add in the 200kms I’ve done in my Hokas and a similar amount in my Five Fingers, and you can see it’s been a busy year for me running-wise.

The last session – a 7.2km treadmill run was a fitting finish to this milestone.

I did the first kilometre at 11km/h, the 2nd km at 12 km/h, then back to 11km/h for a rest, then the next km at 13km/h, and back to 11km/h again, before hitting 14km/h for the last full hard kilometre. One more slow kilometre brought up the 7km mark.

But this was on the treadmill and my watch didn’t factor in the change of pace, so it was still half a kilometre behind. What to do? Well I cranked up the speed on the treadmill to 18km/h and let it rip!

I was coughing my lungs out at that point but determined to hang on. I lasted 300 metres before bailing out and dropping back to a walk for the last 200 metres to cool down.

I was quite happy with that. Not only did I get a nice round number for my mileage, but I’d never run at 18km/h before. My previous fastest was 15km/h.

The first time I tried running at 15km/h I only lasted about 300 metres also. So it looks like 18 is the new 15, which means – progress!

By the time this pair of shoes finally wears out, in another 2500 kms or so I will hopefully be able to run at 18km/h for a whole kilometre without dying. (I’ll need to get over the pneumonia first though I suppose)

How about you? What’s the fastest you’ve gone on a treadmill without falling off?

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Honestly, I don't remember my top speed on the treadmill... It's been too many years since we've gone up, LOL!
Maybe, did you give me a reason to go back up?

Cheers, !BEER and a huge !giphy hug from @amico! 🤗


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I think it's an interesting way to benchmark progress.
10km/h used to be my goal. It seems unobtainable when I was new to running.

Now 11km/h is my warmup pace!

So it is useful to let you see how far you've come, and to test how far you can go.

Hmm........ maybe I should make up a challenge...... ;-)


Oh, I love your challenges... let's do it!

Could I offer you a !COFFEEA ?

I have tried 14, so 18 must be crazy. Don’t think I dare try.
What shoes will you buy next?


18 was pretty quick. But then so was 15 last year. Now 15 is doable.

I used to think anything over 10 was outside my capabilities. But you just never know.
I recently bought some Salamon Speedcross trail shoes. I haven't run in them yet. But when summer hits that's what I'll be running in ;-)

This us the first time I am reading about road shoes, but I think it is great.


road shoes are useful.
I do the bulk of my training on the road,as it is easier on my body than running on the trails here. So good pair of shoes designed to deal with the impact forces of the road is really useful.


Thanks for telling me more about road shoes.

Should you be running when you are poorly, maybe you should rest for a week or 3 :)


In theory I shouldn't be running. Everyone will tell you it's bad for my heart, it will make it worse etc, etc, etc.

And for anyone else that might be right.

But for me, each time I put in a hard run, my lungs clear out and my coughing diminishes. Each run brings me one step closer to being healthy again.

I monitor my heart rate in real time to make sure it is not working too hard, and by running on a treadmill I can stop any time and go home.

So, I'm not quite as stupid as I may at first seem ;-)

And because my body is used to a certain level of activity, maintaining a reasonable amount of activity prevent lethargy from setting in, which will make it so much harder to get started again.

I've already had about 6-7 weeks off running while I was on honeymoon, so it's high time I got back int it.


You know what's best for you, never said you were stupid, well may have muttered it hahah :)

Those shoes lasted very long time!
I used to replace them after reaching 1400 Kms or so


I think it is one of the advantages if being so small - much less impact on the shoes when I run, so they don't wear out so fast.

I've had shoes last me for 10 years :-) (but I didn't run every day in them)
Hopefully I'll get another year out of these ones before I have to change them.

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