Sportsphotography : Motocross Action in Aceh

4년 전

Hi dear Steemiants, this is a my entry for #sportsphotography contests by @juliank.

This is a collection of my drawings from the motocross circuit in Lhokseumawe, Aceh Province. While this photo is my first #sportsphotography contest.

Cemera.Canon EOS 600D
LensEF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

I took a lot of pictures, but I chose some of the best opinions for this contest.

Aceh is rich in culture and tourism, and not only that, but also many talented racers. They raced adrenaline with a two-wheeled vehicle on this arid land circuit.

Take a look, it's the action of motocross in aceh on a race that is held every years.

All this photo taken with DSLR Camera Canon 60D

Thanks to all of you who have visited in this blog

Best Regards @azirgraff

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Love the motion in that first pic!
@PhotoFeed is resteeming this!


As you should! It's simply the best picture I have ran into today!
Way to go curators!



I agree!! Way to go @azirgraff


Thanks @photofeed, its beginning of my shoot that you lift 🤗👍

photgrafer gawat pakek takheun nyoe... hehe


Nyan kadeuh neuh lagoe Tgk @nauval.


ya.. neu engkol ata loen dile siat. hahah leumoh aneuk muda kalinyo

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Great post...the pictures are awesome ;) Upvoted and followed !!


Thanks for your comments and ratings @asgarth.

I'm amazed by the first one! Greatly done @azirgraff.


Need a normal heartbeat and be patient, Thanks @andrianv

  ·  4년 전

Very good this moment.
I like sir @azirgraff

Great shot @azirgraff your photos are very good, full of art and imagination


Wise performs for remarkable results. Thanks @zikmaulana. You are also a great photographer, many your post the right photo shoot

it's hard to do, good shots, I wait for the next post.@azirgraff


Hi @yushadiyunus, The next post is science of shooting 😁



Thanks @zulabra, Your comments is very good

Yes! That first shot is awesome. Upvoted for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Hi @azirgraff very good job by photography I love this SPORT. Followme . I follow him.

These are really great pictures. I wish you win a prize - first one is striking. Best of luck!


Thanks @trumanity, We wait for the announcement 😊

cool pics


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I like amazing picture

really a quality photo, i really admire @azirgraff

top.. bereh that fotonyoe bg


Hehehee, makasih bg @budifatria this photo and congrats on winning!!!

very nice photo, congrats on being selected a winner