Surfing the Waves in Hawaii

4년 전

I love shooting photos of surfers trying to balance themselves on wild ocean waves. I was in Hawaii four years ago and for me this is one of the best places to observe and shoot pictures. Luckily, I am a pretty good surfer myself (but not even close to most guys out there), and a water polo player which definitely helps when trying to take photos from up close with these wild waves. After a few failed attempts, I shot this one. What I like about it is that it really visualizes the sheer power of the waves in Hawaii. The guy managed to conquer the waves like no other, for which I can only give applause.

As always, all pictures in the photography section are mine and taken with my camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Surfing the Waves in Hawaii


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Guys stop voting for this account! Stealing images from the internet!

The prove is at the top of the thread of the below post.

This picture is truly unbelievable! You are such an awesome photographer, and you took this picture with outstanding skills. Love this! :)


Thanks so much @monajam! Really appreaciate when people are taking joy in reviewing my photography.

Hi! How did you protect your Canon EOS 5D against water? Thanks for reply! Awesome!


Thanks for passing by!
I have a few water resistant camera skins/armors for my Canon. Kind of like this one:

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man this is an amazing photo well done!! Is this a shore breaker? like a shallow water wave?

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