Juventus Redundant, Thanks Marotta!

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This is the most difficult market in recent years for the Old Lady is a rather undeniable fact, and also confirmed by the number of players currently in the squad.
The thorniest cases are all or almost in attack, with Higuain who seems destined to remain in Juventus for at least another season, due to the lack of buyers after the renewal of Dzeko with Roma , Mandzukic who at 33 and after a season ended in sharp decline not convincing too much the German pretenders, and Dybala reluctant to abandon the parent company, even if the last rumors speak of contacts well established with the Paris Saint Germain management.

With Ronaldo and the external strikers Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa considered fundamental for Sarri's game , it is easy to understand how one (or even more) between the two Argentines and the Croatian having to pack their bags to settle the redundancy issue, which currently it would not allow the registration of five players of the squad in the list of the Champions League , as well as to hunt for additional resources to finance other possible incoming hits and settle the accounts, appeared in distress after the great operations of the last two years.


But where does this enormous difficulty in selling its players come from, which, according to the results obtained in recent years, should be among the most coveted in Europe?

Essentially in the wretched contract renewals offered by the old CEO Beppe Marotta to players over thirty as Mandzukic himself, but also Khedira and Rugani , who now despite being put on the market cannot find teams capable of matching existing economic offers, if not discounting strongly the price of the tag, renouncing the relative capital gains.

The new Nerazzurri manager, who at Inter is demonstrating all the enormous difficulties revealed in Juventus to close the incoming and outgoing negotiations ( Lukaku has landed in Milan only after Dybala refused to move to Manchester ), so much that many support that it was Fabio Paratici the true director of sensational market operations like those of Ronaldo and even before Tevez , Vidal and Barzagli .

However now it is up to the same Paratici to pull the rabbit out of the cylinder and to prune a rose too wide within two weeks, the definitive closing date of the market.
It will not be easy, greetings.

An Italian version of this post could be found here at https://scorum.it/it-it/football/@frafiomatale/esuberi-juve-grazie-marotta
Do have a blessed day.

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