A Tribute to the Legendary Wrestler...Mae Young (1923-2014)

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A wrestler famous for smoking cigars and the occasional story of her busting up poker cheaters... Mae Young managed to wrestle for 70 years (spanned across 8 Decades). Yes, you read that correctly that for 70 years this spitfire enjoyed the limelight and being one hell of a Grand Dame. In an era where most women were struggling through the Great Depression and the fall out of WW2 Chaos... some ladies just didn't feel like fitting into any set cultural mold. She was a true trail maker and blazer and remains an icon to this day. Her legacy is celebrated in matches held in her namesake/ honor. (portrait/cagesideseats)

A true Rebel / (SportsCanoe SLAM WWF/WWE)

Johnnie Mae Young was a native to Oklahoma and paid homage to this fact by doing her signature "Bronco Buster" move to not forget her roots. She was rough and tumble and directly out of high school was scouted to become a pro-athlete and performer. In a time where there wasn't exactly much in the way of female sports, she just decided to wrestle boys and be a star softball and football player in her hometown. When I think of someone who lives life on their terms like this, the word MOXIE comes to mind. You can't make up charisma or moxie and you certainly have to hand it to someone who made their own way in the world regardless of who approved or didn't.

I can not begin to translate into words how "Must See" this Tribute Is!!!


Here are some of Young's Achievements...

• NWA Florida Women’s title in 1951 defeating Cora Combs

• First ever NWA Women's Champion in 1958

• NWA Women's Title Winner 1968

• Fast Forward....zipppp... 2007! In yet another one of her notorious publicity and entertainment stunts she goes on record at the 15th Anniversary of RAW to announce all the DIVAS Vince McMahon allegedly had carnal knowings of. (Oh So Shocking)

• On March 3, 2008 RAW announced her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and later that month in Orlando, Young was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 29th.

• January 14, 2014 Young passed peacefully away of natural causes. She spent decades behind the scenes training both male and female wrestlers as well as taking some without family under her wing. She went so far as to adopt a 17 year old wrestler who literally had nobody in her corner and move them into her rather large estate in the Carolinas. To this day there are Mae Young Classics hosted by WWE that have become increasingly popular. In an Era of Kylie's and Kim K's, I'd rather be a MAE! ;)

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That lady was around for a long time. I grew up watching wrestling on television back in the '70s. The neighbor kids always knew when wrestling was on as my foster-mother would scream at the wrestlers on the TV!

Seems like someone I wouldn't wanna fuck with if I was in her time.... Legendary

"In an Era of Kylie's and Kim K's, I'd rather be a MAE! ;)"

This. Less Kardashains and more ass kicking women please.


High five and a big Amen to that.... she did a lot of shocking things for her time and didn't take any crap, thanks for the awesome comment Swolesome

70 years is a long time for any human to remain in and do rigorous sport as wrestling. The great Dame must be a Super Human of some sort.


I hope you stick with us, trying to get started here, a few of the same jackasses but not as many ;)

Wow, I haven't heard of her before but I feel certain she raised plenty of eyebrows in her time. Heck of a Role model.


I like that she smoked cigars , she was doing crazy crap at 80 , god bless