England Ride Their Luck


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The World Cup final has had it all. There have been loads of drama in the last 30 minutes or so and it came down to a super over to decide who the winner was going to be. England snuck it at the death and it shouldn't have gone that far, but it did. New Zealand had the chances to put England out ,but it was 2 crucial moments that changed where the trophy was heading.

This morning New Zealand posted 241 in their 50 overs and England replied with 241 so the game was tied and hence the one over showdown for each side to see who was going to be crowned World Cup Champions.


England were fortunate to get this far though as Stokes was caught earlier, but Trent Boult stood on the boundary to signal a six. The next ball he ran and dived and the ball deflected off his bat for another 4 runs. It wasn't intentional so the runs were allowed. They managed to squeak to the line in the end and it made for a tense finish.

One thing anyone who was watching this can't say it was boring like some of the finals we have seen before. You couldn't write a better script for the final and has to be the most exciting one ever played so far. It is a shame that someone is going to come away with nothing.

England scored 15 off their 6 balls and it came down to 2 runs off 1 ball for New Zealand to win it and Guptill was run out off the last ball by a good meter or so. England rode their luck and it was just meant to be. Sometimes you just have to put your hands up as the rub of the green didn't go your way. In the end England won the trophy by 1 run.

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So sad! (Coming from a new zealander!). Well done to England tho

Actually england won by zero runs... which turned one of the most exciting cricket ODI's into a farce. NZ winning by 2 wkts would arguably be a fairer reflection.
Yes england rode their luck but all teams benefit from this at different times - it just happened to benefit england in spades in a very important match.

It was a tie in a super over i think trophy should have been shared.

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Unbelievable finish to the match!

Any side in any sport that wins a World Cup/World Championship has to ride their luck a little. The same would have been said for New Zealand had they had won it. What if Mushfiqur Rahim had collected the ball cleanly and run Kane Williamson out or what if Carlos Braithwaite's hit had travelled 2 more feet? NZ wouldn't have made the final full stop.......

England owe this NZ team a lot in regards their ODI resurgence. It was Eoin Morgan's friendship with Brendon McCullum that helped forge a lot of the ideals that have underpinned our success of late. As such it almost seems fitting that the 2 sides couldn't be seperated but even as an Englishman I feel for the Kiwis having come so close

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Does the United States have a cricket team? If they don't how can it be the world cup? I am just kidding :) I would be interested to know if we have a team though. I guess I shouldn't complain too much since we call the baseball final the World Series :)