Are the Yankees able to make it to the World Series

2년 전

For the baseball lovers out there, the World Series is the end all. To win it is everything for a team. Sure every team goes into the beginning of the season and wants to believe that they will win it all. But most know also that there is a long shot to make it happen. And at the beginning of the season, there are teams that are projected to be favorites to get to the big game. RIght now the Dodger are the favorites to get there for the national league. In the American ​League,​ the Astros are the favorits. Right be hind them are the Yankees.

But do the Yankees have it to get there to have a chance at winning it. Every Yankees fan will tell you yes they do. But as a fan of them, I question their starting pitching. Offencively they have all the guns to make it happen. Their bull pen is almost rock solid with talent. But the one area that they will struggle with is the starting staff.

So, Yes they will make the playoff with how things are going for them right now. But getting past Houston Astros will be their biggest test. And if they struggle to win against them, then the season will be over. But if there gun and pen pull off a win to get to the World Series, They will have to play the hardest they ever had all season. And personally, as a true Yankees fan, they don't have all the tools to make it happen. And that is the true baseball fan talking. Now,​ lets wait and see what happens.images.jpeg

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