October 25, 19: Walking, Zombierun, and Trading Crypto

3년 전


Today certainly started off much like any other. Woke up and did the morning routine: went and hit my daily cloud mining buttons, did some chatting over on discord, did my daily Steemmonsters quest (today was water, so it wasn’t too bad), and watched the daily comedy news blurbs.

As is the case with any tribe and any token on the blockchain, there is always the desire to increase the value. Most of them, including Steem, seem to turn to token destruction (burn) as the solution. I’m of the persuasion that constructive solutions are better than destructive ones, and decentralized/bottom-up solutions are better than top-down central planning. I’m not really sure that my position was very appreciated, but I spoke my peace.

For my part, I would NEVER willingly burn SOL. I put a lot of consideration into supply before I created them. How much sense does it make to create 5 billion of something to turn around and be proud of yourself that you just destroyed ten thousand of them?! It makes even less sense for Steem, since there is no cap...burning a finite number of infinitely many is futile.

Then China spoke in favor of blockchain technology and this happened:


I lost another $500 in a matter of minutes! 😢😭. I realized that it was quite unlikely for it to come back to me any time soon, and so I went all in on bitcoin at $8600. Right now, that’s looking like it was a good decision, I’m back in the black!!! 😄.

In the afternoon I went out for a walk.


Was a bit gray again, but not too cold actually. I started off in full gear, but a couple zombies later, the hat and gloves came off. 😁


Having been betrayed and left to die, today I was trying to escape from London by running through the sewer. Lots of fast zombs down there! I didn’t get caught though, and only one fifty meter warning! 💪


Is this chlamydia, or just a burning bush? 😂. Amazing fall colors in full swing now...some of the trees are even naked already.


There were dozens, and I mean dozens of cranes in this field today!!! I’ve never ever ever seen so many! I guess maybe the small groups are gathering together in preparation for heading south? I don’t know, but it’s pretty amazing to see all those huge birds all together, especially when they’re usually only in twos at most.


Yesterday, believe it or not, there was a house here; sure, it was a ramshackle, condemned house, but a house nonetheless. I saw them tear most of it down yesterday with clothes still hanging in the closets. Today, not even a hole in the ground! It caused me to pause and reflect on how much harder it is to create than to destroy. And, yes Mr. Sun ☀️, we see you peeking there.


Anywhere street USA:


Average Last 7 Days: 20,156

Lifetime Average: 15,962

10k per Day Streak: 23
Longest Streak: 196


#AutomaticWin Tally: 104
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#TripleTen Tally: 66
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

Highest Floors: 101

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 6/6

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 85%
Satisfaction: 88%
Energy: 70%
Productivity: 60%






Pi Cloud Mining


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Yeah, I bumped into you at Steemmonsters and you stopped my 7 battle winning streak the would have seen me enter Gold I League today. Lol.
Nice going mahn.


Too bad, soooo sad 😢



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