Football is becoming such a chore to watch | Mini Rant!

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I have never felt so out of love with a sport that I have enjoyed watching for such a long time. From the days in campus crammed up in the common rooms, people hanging from the window grills while others were straddled on the rafters above the hall just to catch a glimpse of their favorite team, these days just switching to a football stream has become such a tiresome affair.

You always know what to expect. Manchester City putting 3 to 9 goals past hapless relegation fodder. Liverpool scraping wins through dubious refereeing decisions. Manchester United players losing to poor teams with such committed regularity. VAR officiating more corrupt that your worst dictatorship.

Football has never been this pathetic as far as my mind can remember. I wouldn't even be surprised if figures show that viewership has gone down.

Who could blame the viewers though? We want to be entertained. There is no entertainment value when your team is losing every other week especially when you have been accustomed to better. When I say better, I don't necessarily mean winning every other match, because God knows I have witnessed some very shocking losses during Ferguson's time. What I mean by better is quality football and players actually playing the goddamn game.

You have players like Eriksen, Luke Shaw, Phil Jones among many other stealing a living from their respective football clubs. Professional football dies with every new dollar that is added into this sport as with almost everything else.

Some people may question your commitment as a fan. Twitter may call you a plastic fan for not wanting to watch garbage week in and week out. But I wouldn't even bother to watch a Manchester City game. Predictable is the word. Relationships have broken down due to this as some distraught couples will have you know.

I am not going to tune into a City V Southampton match even after they go down by a goal because they will definitely come back and win. Even the betting odds will hardly move.

One team has two equally strong starting 11's while the other has Championship level players yet they are to compete. The former can break FFP rules all day long and face zero consequences because money is king.

Yet, it appears that oil money, that darkened paper is looking to acquire another Manchester club. A toy for a rich billionaire.

Who will want to watch another La Liga where only two rich teams only win the League title?

The future looks mundane.


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