Isn't it about time we had a sports curation trail?

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Just throwing it out there. For a long time sports related content goes without curation mostly because it is niche and opinion related but that does not mean it is not great content.

Since the birth of #newsteem and the resulting onslaught on bid bots especially those using scot tokens a lot of the curation going to sports related content has taken a massive hit - unless you already had a massive following.

Most people I have seen have resulted to taking advantage of the SBI initiative or Steem Basic Income but it may not be worth it if you do not have a lot of Steem to delegate or a gracious sponsor to gift a couple of SBI points.

One of the best motivators on Steem is a regular substantial upvote that makes building up your Steem Power fun rather than a chore. I for one love to post about the premier league. The banter after a mind numbing loss is just a fantastic catharsis.

The sportsvoter bot account is currently seeing very little use due to the downvoting cult over on Steem and there is very little we can do about that other than to evolve and make it work for us.

So, how can we achieve this?

  • Choose a bunch of very active curators on STS to help look for content for manual upvotes.
  • Create a curation trail to increase the value of a vote to help boost quality content.
  • Reward delegators with Sports tokens for holding an active delegation to Sportsvoter so as to grow the amount of SP available for curation. (I think this already happens.)

The sports community is not incredibly massive and that is a big W. That means finding valuable content is much easier and especially so because all the curation can be done on Sports Talk Social where all the content is sports related. You do not have to go crawling the Steem UI to find fantastic authors.

A lot of refinement could go into this idea and if I missed something or if you have a different idea, please put it in the comment section.


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Sounds good to me!

I believe part of the referees role going forward will be to curate good content as well as flagging abuse so hopefully that’ll contribute. However that doesn’t mean that the community should wait for them, I think starting a curation trail on STS is a great idea and a way to help the best work on the platform get more attention and rewards.

If you want to get something started then hit me up on discord.

P.s. if you want to vote for me as a sportstalk referee you can do so here I’m running under the name ref11


@talesfrmthecrypto , i like your role in the platform. You write good and depth article and also curate the good articles.

Hope we ll see you winning in the selection of refree


That would solve the initial selection headache having the referees also participate in curation. A curation trail would be fantastic but maybe with alt accounts because you do not want to reward too much Sports on a post. I can also see automating the curation process on sportsvoter like Tipu do it but this time restricted to sports related content.

Is your discord the same as your name here on Steem?

Btw, I dropped you a vote for referee and I will get you a couple more from friends.


Certainly need an alt account as the lead for the curation trail. I guess it depends how many posts you think you’d want to upvote every day? If you let people know that then they can set their vote % accordingly

Yes same name on discord

Thanks man


I will have a look at it. I have not used steemauto because SteemConnect is not the most convenient key manager. Wish they could add keychain support.

Well written dear. We must not ever go behind the bots to get upvote. Every good content will definitely get upvoted, but every one need to have patience.

Good points you have added on how to get upvote genuinely. It will help every one in three platform.

It deserves a re steem, am doing this

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